Monday, April 14

Review: Messerschmitt Bf 109 'Gun Decks' set in 1/32nd scale from A2Zee Models

Need new gun decks for your G-6? No this aint no rap song this is serious – the narrow eyes of your new revel kit can now be corrected.

Sunday, April 13

4… 3… 2… 1… and it’s lift off with the Revell Space Shuttle!

Revell re-releases the Space Shuttle Launch Tower in 1/144 scale.  Our man from Belgium Nic is building it so we thought we would ask him what he thinks as he unboxes the kit and how he plans to use some add-ons by LVM to maximize this kit.

Saturday, April 12

We find an Easter egg in Hasegawa's June releases

Hasegawa’s June items include a surprise visit from George, an Osprey and a thunderbolt, a Japanese Focke Wulf, a Mossie blown in with a typhoon and Thunderbolt and a true egg (kit) in time for Easter

Friday, April 11

What – no pilot figure included? Freedom Models new X-47B in 48th scale…

The Pegasus has new wings – the new X-47C launches from the carrier decks into models shops with Freedom Models new 48th scale kit – we have the preview CAD images of what is to come…

Wednesday, April 9

Review: KV tanks on the battlefield from PeKo Publishing

In today’s news we review PeKo Publishing’s latest full page pictorial on the KV tanks of the Soviet Union on the battlefields of WWII….

Tuesday, April 8

Revell has some tasty kits rocketing their way to you this month

Revell of Germany has several new very nice looking models coming out in April – We have got the Space shuttle to review already but we thought we would show you a preview of it and all the other items Revell OF Germany has coming to your local hobby shop this month.

Saturday, April 5

Where’s the other engine? …and two other new releases in April from Hobbyboss.

German circle flyers, French heavy hitters and mass produced good ol' U.S. machines are feature in the trio of new releases from Hobbyboss this April..

Friday, April 4

Mantis Miniatures goes modern warfare again and so many sheep ewe need extra heads to count them...

Two USMC soldiers pick their way carefully around a small excavator as they scan the horizon for any trouble – single and as a set these are just two of the new releases from Mantis Miniatures this month – they have some spare heads (who needs just one?) and some sheep that need to be rounded up in April’s releases.

Wednesday, April 2

Italeri almost put D-Day on hold..well almost...

Among their slew of D-Day commemorative releases come two new and colourful big birds in Italeri’s April releases….

Tuesday, April 1

SO now Aurora wants the war to go into 1947 - and who can argue?

With all the what if?  Schemes released and modellers lapping it up why not extend the party – well in our imaginations anyway it all sounds nice – as long as combatants are like this lady panzer commander….