Saturday, May 31

Wings Cockpit Figures give us more WWII Cockpit figures in 1/32nd for our favorite ‘planes...

Wings Cockpit Figures launched last year with a great bunch of much needed 1/32nd scale WWI aircraft related figures. We had a look at them and though it only prudent to show you their latest Second World War sets just recently released…

Friday, May 30

Exit hole only: Gary Reviews the EduardBrassin MiG-21PF/ PFM Exhaust Nozzle

After looking at most if not all of the extra sets for the MiG-21 series for us here at TMN. We look at this new set of MiG-21 PFM Exhaust nozzles under the Brassin banner for Eduard. Always a decent read, this is another good review from Gary.

Wednesday, May 28

They just want to be left alone… two new figures from D-Day Miniatures who don’t want visitors…

We had a look at Pavel’s other Bren Gun toting figures in our recent preview for D-Day Miniatures – but now we see some action as this Tommy gunner and his officer deal out the pain – I guess they don’t like cold-callers at their door?

Review: “Static Model Manual Volume 7 Painting Models” (Hang on - help is on the way)

I have a hankering there are a lot of modellers out there who need help!  – Help with painting and finishing their model kits that is! Today we review a book that just might help get you over this need for assistance you might feel – hey we might learn something as well. Let’s have a look at “Static Model Manual Volume - 7 Painting Models “….

Tuesday, May 27

We peer through the haze into Panzerwrecks' third Duel in the Mist

This month Panzerwrecks have produced their third in the popular series of “Duel in the Mist” trilogy – with many not before seen photographs in a large format and typically informative text and maps we thought you needed a review so you could see a little close into the mist...

Monday, May 26

Not only is TANKART III ready to roll – TA 4,5 & 6 + Airplane art and Constructart too? Let’s have a look at what RSP has coming soon…

Anticipation has peaked, the readers are ready to soak in the knowledge – and the models are ready to be painted weathered and finished – let’s look at the improvements coming our way in TankArt III and some other surprises to come from Rinaldi Studio Press

Sunday, May 25

I need to clear the workbench... Quick - load me up with new "Ammo"

New “Ammo” from Mig Jimenez to stock up your work bench with new items from his ever widening range. We have some burnishing fluid, some new paint sets and even something to keep your desk a little tidier to show you in today’s preview..

Pegaso’s new elf comes out with the knight

 The lauded company Pegaso has brought out two new warriors we thought we would show you for their May releases – one a knight of a secret order and the other who hunts in the forest at night..

Saturday, May 24

Alpine Miniatures is back in black... Review of the 1/35th scale SS Panzer Commander set

Alpine Miniatures has gone hell bent for leather with their new set of 1/35th SS Panzer commanders for us as  we examine, construct, review and talk a little bit about how tankers ended up in U-boat uniforms in WWII..

Friday, May 23

Review: D-Day doles out some TLC to the troops this month with their 1/35th German soldier and nurse set...

D-Day Miniature Studio has  been busy at work recently – with not only German and British troops in 35th scale but now a nurse and here patient in this – the latest set (and individual) release, let’s have a look in our review…