Wednesday, June 18

Pre order at a discount - Valiant Wings never stop with another new book - this time on the big nosed butcher bird

Hot on the heels of us just reviewing their last title, Valiant wings announce the new little brother in the series, sure to be popular it focuses on the Wurger – the butcher-bird – the Fw-190A radial engined aircraft in the series – let’s have a look at them in our preview…

Review: Valiant Wings new “Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter”

Today we review Valiant Wings new title – “Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide to the RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter” their new book in the Airframe Album series. This time again covering a not so well known fighter with a bit of a cult audience – we had to see what these people liked about this kite and these books are a great place to start let’s have a look..

Monday, June 16

We take a snapshot of Andrea Press' new “How to Photograph Scale Models” in our review…

One of the last mysteries in Modelling – no – not being able to paint figures, it’s the other one – Being able to take good pictures of your finished scale model! Well Andrea Press have a nifty little guide recently released to help you try and take better pictures. Let’s have a look at it shall we in our review...

Sunday, June 15

Chocks away! as World War I Wings cockpit Figures are on display on today's preview...

Wings Cockpit Figures launched last year with a great bunch of much needed 1/32nd scale WWI aircraft related figures. We had a look at the WWII figures and though it only prudent to show you their latest first World War sets just recently released…

Saturday, June 14

Trumpeter’s June releases – pretty Frigate nice….

Trumpeter has some nice kits sure to be popular this month. The final Skyraider of their line up in 32nd scale, a German Zwilling flak gun, a Russian TOS-1A Multiple Rocket Launcher and a Duke class Frigate from the Royal navy are sure to get a few clickin’…..

Friday, June 13

A 1/16th T-34, a light recon Panzerwagen, a tiny T-37 Russian tank – and a Wildcatfish???

Hobbyboss gives us some pretty juxtaposed kits in our June/July Preview this month – but who would have thought that putting floats on a Wildcat would warrant such a cool name??

Thursday, June 12

Review: we go all modern warfare again with Abrams Squad No 6

Pla Editions continues with their successful modern warfare modelling magazine “Abrams Squad”. This is a mag showcasing the very newest of modern armour and military models and features a host of very good builders on board to make and show you models. Let’s have a look at Issue six and see if they are keeping up the good work…

Wednesday, June 11

Review & Build: Messerschmitt's late war warrior – Revell’s 1/32nd scale Bf109 G-10 Erla

Nic has already built one of the new Revell 1/32nd scale Bf-109G10 kits and it turned out so nice  we thought we’d give him another to build. This time he included one of the Barracuda Studios new G-10 Erla sheets into the finished product to give it that little bit extra..

Tuesday, June 10

Gary looks at just what has changed in the re-tooled GWH F-15 in 48th scale in this side-by-side comparison

Gary had more than just started his new Great Wall Hobby F-15 in 48th scale (he was hinting at a Japanese Aggressor scheme, who knows?) He was keen to get it done when hoots and hollers fro the online community made GWH re-tool several key parts of this kit (it was previously reviewed as near fault-less) - anyway before he re-commenced with the build Gary was kind enough to tell us what has changed in the kit. 

Sunday, June 8

Review: Aces high takes to the skies with Issue #1: Night Fighters of the Luftwaffe..

We like the "new breed" of model magazines with fresh good ideas, not too many adverts, good writing and layout with large format images and most of all great models built in a way that shows you how to emulate them. Will this new magazine – called Aces High and Edited by TMN favourite Daniel Zamarbide be a contender? Let’s have a look in our review.