Monday, June 30

Frau Müller and a chocolate bar, voyeuristic soldiers and some precision bicycles are all on MasterBox’s mind this month…

What do the meeting of paratroopers and semi clad ladies – along with Mrs Müller a snickers bar and the town bike have in common? They are all new releases from MasterBox this month – that’s what!

Sunday, June 29

The last of the Lightning’s are ready to strike a hobby shop very soon…

…And to get yourselves ready for the storm of glue and paint about to be unleashed we have some new shots of the last in this series  – the ship-bourne F-35C Lightning that is about to strike.

The 48th scale Cougar from Kittyhawk is ready to pounce - we have built up trainer pictures in today's news.

Watch out she’s about to strike! Kittyhawk Models are just about to release their latest twin set of kits depicting the F9F-8 Cougar and TF-9J-  we have some updated pictures of the Trainer cougar as well as all the others in today's update...

Saturday, June 28

New ammo for Old and older vehicles, modern AFV's props and Jets and even a canvas print!

Mig’s New AMMO brand has plenty of new paints consumables and even a canvas print to detail you model room with – WWI and II shades and modern colours it all looks pretty covered with the AMMO of June..

Andrea Miniature's latest pirate male both in 32nd scale

Andrea miniatures have two males in 32nd scale for us this month of July. One is a swashbuckling pirate and one actually isn’t even a male at all! Understand that if you can – or if not check out our preview of their two latest kits.

Friday, June 27

Canfora's "The world of Dioramas" is upon us - A new publication saluting the work of Per Olav Lund..

Canfora Press has several great modelling titles under their belt – with more to come this year we are treated to a visual fest today with a preview of a new title feature the immersing work of Per Olav Lund. Welcome to the world of Dioramas…

Thursday, June 26

Review - we take a look at Nuts and Bolts #32 - Medium cross-country lorries of the Reichswehr & Wehrmacht

Nuts and Bolts series has a new subject in its headlights – the several types of medium cross-country trucks of 3 ton capacity and 6x4 wheel drive. They look at the vehicles of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht

Wednesday, June 25

“Sheiiiiii- MiG-28’s! No one has been this close before!!”

Hold on to your buts! AFV club is going to release the 1/48th scale MiG-28!

That figures! Verlinden’s three new items for June 2014

Verlinden’s three new kits for June are orientated on the figure market – we have two large scale figures in 1/16th of a German SS Officer and an RAF pilot which should be popular as well as two “irregular” warriors for hire in 35th scale. Let’s have a look.

Tuesday, June 24

What’s worse? A cannibal warrior or an axe wielding barbarian? Actually thanks to Pegaso which one is better…

Pegaso has gone back way into the past with their two latest sculpts for June. Two scary as hell but pretty inspiring figures – muscle bound and buff make me think it’s time to get out and do some exercise – “Bronze age style”