Tuesday, August 19

Review: "Let's go!" with the Alpine Miniatures BAR Gunner US 29th Infantry Division in 1/16th scale...

Although not a new kit by any means we have just acquired the Alpine Miniatures 1/16th scale kit of the BAR gunner from the US 29th Infantry Division in WWII to use in a diorama. As you do not see many of the 1/16th scale Alpine kits in reviews (I haven't seen a decent review of this kit anywhere) we thought before we paint him up we would review him so you can see what he is made of…

Sunday, August 17

Review: Static Model Manual Volume 4 – Building – One hundred and One Tips

We were lucky enough to look at the number seven in the Static Model Manuals from Auriga Publishing last month – it showed how to best paint and weather your models and no doubt it would be a lot of help to a many modellers out there – this book – number four in the series shows you just how start at the basics – and how to advance to the higher echelons of model making skill – but is it useful to the average modeller? Let’s have a look in our review…

Friday, August 15

Clayton's build review of the Verlinden re-released FlaK 37mm in 1/16th scale...

Clayton regularly takes on a varied assortment of kits – E-boats, armour, mechanized fighting vehicles – but in his latest build he takes on Verlinden’s just re-released kit of the very nice but daunting 37mm FlaK gun. He will be including more stuff in a diorama but until then let’s look at the start with this challenging but rewarding build….

Thursday, August 14

The Desert Rats are stars of Alpine Miniatures latest releases...and our review today..

Alpine Miniatures gives the callers for some ethnic diversity a chance when they show off their latest two figures in 35th scale – two British Royal Armoured Corps “Desert Rats” in 35th scale – we review them for you today in the news..

Wednesday, August 13

WWI aircraft models are the theme for the new "Aces High" magazine we review today..

We got the chance to look at the launch edition of the exciting “Aces High” magazine last month – it was pretty nice and full of top quality builds by noted modellers. Last month was night fighters of the Luftwaffe but this edition covers the aircraft of World War I – let’s have a look at what is in store for us in our issue II review….

Tuesday, August 12

We look at the state of modern warfare in Panzer aces 46 review

Previous issues of Panzer Aces have seen World War II covered with some lovely models – Issue No# 46 of Panzer Aces features Post World War II vehicles and some of the best models on the market now. Let’s see what’s in store for us in today’s review of their latest

Monday, August 11

Hasegawa's October releases are varied and colorful - (several with no pilot figures included)

In this preview from Hasegawa we have stealth, missiles, unmanned  missiles with propellers, bombers, classic fighters and a cool little bird…Click on to see what’s new from Hasegawa for October..

Sunday, August 10

True to “Life” Sang on Lee’s new bust re-create's history of a history re-created and re-viewed..

Sang Eon Lee’s company Life Miniatures” has just been lifting the bar further and further and it looks like their latest release has raise the emotional bar higher with his own story to tell. We have the kit built up and the picture that inspired the sculpt in today's review

Saturday, August 9

Look at what's surfaced at Hobbyboss HQ in August…

Hobbyboss has a cool looking release set of hopefully very nice kits set for August release – we have the sprue shots to give you a better idea of the plastic to come to your LHS this month..

Friday, August 8

Verlinden's August items feature three men lying down - at least one without clothes...

Verlinden keeps ‘em coming out with four new products for the month of August. Some kits to “wake up” your Vietnam dio along with some destruction and a “large Sarge” are just some of what’s on the way…