Tuesday, September 30

Full build of HK Models Do335 Pfeil in 32nd scale Pt. II: “Pfeil Vs Murphy”

When Nicolas and François got the possibility to obtain an early release version of Hong Kong Models new Do335 Pfeil kit they were jumping up and down. Just one catch: it had to be built in only 10 days!  Take a look at just how they built it so well and so quickly.

Monday, September 29

HK Models Do335 Pfeil in 1/32nd scale review: Pt I

HK Models next release is the much anticipated Do335 Pfeil. So, when Nicolas and François got the possibility to obtain an early just before release version, they were jumping up and down. Just one catch: it had to be built in only 10 days!  First before they started we thought you should see the kit in detail before they built it.

Saturday, September 27

Do you want to contribute to Rinaldi Studio Press's future? Then read on...

Mike Rinaldi’s series of TANKART books are amongst our favourite series of books on the market right now. Three titles in there are plans afoot to expand the range to all branches of modelling and to narrow the focus to one subject a book in the “SM Series”. First mike needs to find a business model that can allow him to concentrate solely on publishing good books – and that is where you come in…

Friday, September 26

Hopefully this troubleshooter won't end up all at sea...Academy's new Seahawk in the fle...plastic.

Academy’s 1/35th scale U.S. Navy MH-60S HSC-9 'Tridents' kit gets a preview today as Academy show us their first built up and painted kit. This is fast becoming an item of interest at TMN HQ – we thought you would like to see the pictures of the plastic and the real helicopter…

The second of the “Birthday" issues for EuroModelismo is out now and in English!

Euromodelismo Magazine’s anniversary issue was actually a double! We looked at the special 250th edition this month but the new Issue #251 is the second half of their celebration and we have some large images and text of contents so you can see for yourself before you buy. Let’s re-join their party…

Wednesday, September 24

Ahhh C! Miniart re-claim the hobby shops with a new Panzer IIIC

Only made in small numbers and used in the invasion of Poland - this kit has never actually been made in injection moulded plastic in this scale MiniArt has made a lot of people happy with their new Panzer IIIB and now the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.С model is coming – batten down the hatches let’s take a look at the CAD and parts in our preview…

Takom bring out the big guns - how big? 30.5cm! We show you the Skoda built up

Most people thought that guns were made INTO Skoda’s in the 80’s but there was a time this Czech factory made armaments for the Austro Hungarian Empire. We have some pictures of Takom’s latest kit due in a month depicting the Skoda 30.5cm M1916 Siege Howitzer,“Siege of Sevastopol” 1942 boxing…

Tuesday, September 23

Panda's M-ATV updated with new plastic and CROWS? Workable Tunguska tracks, and more on the new Cougar as well...

To add to the Panda Hobby Oshkosh MRAP M-ATV in 35th scale which was updated and added to with the CROWS II set we have some more news from Panda Hobby of their new Cougar and some workable tracks for the Tunguska. Click on to see a little more update from Panda.

Mantis Miniatures 1/35th scale Afrika Korps Crew review

Mantis Miniatures latest two figures to match the Kubelwagen accessories to make a hot “Afrika” scene are the subject of today’s build review. We will look at them together and with their new “pimped” ride as well…

Monday, September 22

Mantis Miniatures 1/35th scale Kubelwagen accessories build review

Mantis Miniatures has sent us their new set which hopes to make something just a little more out of your Tamiya Kubelwagen – tomorrow we will build and review the figures to match but today we built the Tamiya kit up to show you the Kubelwagen accessories kit in our review