Tuesday, November 4

Revell's New November kits in detail built up for you to start wishing Christmas was here already...

In November’s new items from Revell we have ships of the water – ships for space, Fighters, bombers and New Jersey? We thought you could use some info and pictures of them built up to see what’s-a-comin’

Monday, November 3

New 35th scale Vosper pics with the other new kits from Italeri for December.

Italeri has shown more of their Vosper – their Aermacchi in three different versions, their new (and very short) /German winter infantrymen and their new 48th scale Pacific Mustangs in 48th scale all in today’s preview…

Sunday, November 2

Review Build: Revell’s new tool M48 A2GA2 Patton in 35th scale

Revell’s new tool 1/35th scale M48 A2GA2 is up for review today – and François thought that he might just as well build up his review kit into a very nice German Army example, Read on to see what this kit is really like to build…

Saturday, November 1

Review build: Zoukei Mura’s 1/32nd scale Horten Ho 229 – We stick in our Small cockpit and Big wheels…

We are charging along with our Horten Ho 229 in 32nd scale from Zoukie-Mura – and today we offer up some more parts to place inside the frame we constructed yesterday – today we are looking at the cockpit and wheels in our continuing build.

Friday, October 31

More AMMO as Mig brings new colours and texts to your workbench

New German interiors, Japanese and Russian colours, tiny wargaming colours with useful texts showing us plenty of Russian frontage some British shades and and afghan adventure await you in the latest gear from AMMO.

Thursday, October 30

Build review Zoukei-Mura's 1/32nd scale Horten Ho 229 Pt III: The frame of the plane...

In the quest to build out Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho 229 we have already set of with the engines and in keeping with ticking to the instructions – well we kind of did – today we look at the birdcage – the frame and wings of this bat-like creature of the skies.

Wednesday, October 29

Review: Bronco’s 1/35th scale World War II British Airborne Weapon and equipment Set

We sense a massive British paratrooper diorama in the offing – with Bronco models already making new models of 6 pounders, jeeps, several parras and weapons and a Horsa glider on the way we see the need for some stowage and weapon paraphernalia and guess what? Bronco are now offering that as well – we thought we would build it all up for you in our review.

Tuesday, October 28

Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho 229 Build review Pt II – Building up the power...

Building what looks like such a complex kit in a short period of time to meet high standards is no mean feat whatever you are making – but looking at the almost complete facsimile of an aircraft that we have in Zoukei-Mura’s new Ho 229 kit in 32nd scale and thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park is optimistic at best – but hey we might have fun getting there! Let’s start building it with the engines in today’s build section.

Monday, October 27

We make tracks the easy way with a tadpole and two mini vans and the hint of a Hermaphrodite??

Takom are fast turning into a bit of a company to watch. Detailed but easy to make kits with a choice in subjects that is very smart this company has our attention. Their new T3 Transporter and Tadpole kits are being released this month and we had some info for you

Sunday, October 26

Zoukei-Mura clears all competition with their new Horten Ho 229 in 1/32nd scale

Today we start off in a several part build of the new 1/32nd Horten Ho 229 kit from Zoukei-Mura. Released for sale today this kit and a few extra parts have been the focus of quite a few modellers in love with the bat-wing shape. We will look at what is in the box today, then build it over the next week to show you just how to get the best out of this new kit.