Monday, November 10

Build review: MJ Miniatures’ WSS Grenadier in Ardenne, 1944

In his latest bust Man-Jin Kim re-creates a famous scene from the battle of the bulge in the Ardennes in 1944. We put the parts together in our review to see if the WSS Grenadier in Ardenne, 1944 in resin matches not only MJ Miniature’s previous kits but the pictures from history of "Winter Fritz"

Sunday, November 9

We make up the rest of the latest "Big Set" from Stalingrad with Soviet soldiers from the eastern cold this month…

Stalingrad Miniatures has just announced they have released the rest of their big set of single figures of soldiers of Soviet war machine in the cold winter on the Eastern front. These warmly dressed warrior look set to take on the elements as well as the Germans.

Saturday, November 8

Hasegawa's December items - something for your loved ones to save up for...

December’s items from Hasegawa feature some great  aircraft, a Destroyer, an armoured suit and a beautiful sea coloured Phantom. Take a look at what Hasegawa has in store for us the the final month of 2014 …

Friday, November 7

Clayton's Build review of Bronco's new 1/48th scale Su-152 "Beast Killer"

When you think of the massive Russian tank the Su-152 "Beast Killer" as the Russians called it - you think of a big steel uncompromising brute of a thing which stopped the German armour in it's tracks across the battlefield of the eastern front during WWII. What would the tank look like in a smaller scale? Well Bronco's new 48th scale version is today's review build by our own Clayton Ockerby. See if this kit's presence still is as fearsome in a smaller scale..

Thursday, November 6

Review: Zoukei-Mura's new 1/32nd scale Pilot and ground crew figures of the Ho 229 Horten

The new 1/32nd scale Horten Ho 229 fighter from Zoukei-Mura is a lovely kit – we are in the process of having quite some fun making it, but we were very anxious to see how the extras on this kit would fare, and how they would integrate with the kit itself. Well we got our wish when Zoukei-Mura sent out five of these sets to examine and show you – today we look at the human element with the pilot and ground grew figures for the SWS 08 kit

Wednesday, November 5

Eduard’s New 1/48th scale SSW D. III turns some heads as it makes it’s Debut..

Eduard has an all new tool Siemens Schuckert Werke [S.S.W.] D.III fighter that is now available and as the people at Eduard have built one up for you to see we thought we would give you a preview including the marking options and sprues as well..

Tuesday, November 4

Revell's New November kits in detail built up for you to start wishing Christmas was here already...

In November’s new items from Revell we have ships of the water – ships for space, Fighters, bombers and New Jersey? We thought you could use some info and pictures of them built up to see what’s-a-comin’

Monday, November 3

New 35th scale Vosper pics with the other new kits from Italeri for December.

Italeri has shown more of their Vosper – their Aermacchi in three different versions, their new (and very short) /German winter infantrymen and their new 48th scale Pacific Mustangs in 48th scale all in today’s preview…

Sunday, November 2

Review Build: Revell’s new tool M48 A2GA2 Patton in 35th scale

Revell’s new tool 1/35th scale M48 A2GA2 is up for review today – and François thought that he might just as well build up his review kit into a very nice German Army example, Read on to see what this kit is really like to build…

Saturday, November 1

Review build: Zoukei Mura’s 1/32nd scale Horten Ho 229 – We stick in our Small cockpit and Big wheels…

We are charging along with our Horten Ho 229 in 32nd scale from Zoukie-Mura – and today we offer up some more parts to place inside the frame we constructed yesterday – today we are looking at the cockpit and wheels in our continuing build.