Friday, December 12

Master Box Plastic Model Kits in January – WWI and more hard core bikers for your consideration

Masterbox’s newest kits to be released in January follow on from the recent trend of presenting you with more WWI figures – some Tommies get the info whilst a small scale MK II Female tank clears the obstacles and a German goes on tour with a borrowed bike through Europe. All in today’s preview…

Thursday, December 11

Hasegawa’s new items for February 2015 are already to preview…

Hasegawa’s new items for the New Year are already upon us and we have gleaned some information from their site as to what is on the horizon already for February of 2015. Some nice models in this lot!

Tuesday, December 9

We visit “First World War in the Air.” RAF Hendon’s new Exhibit

We had the pleasure to be one of the first into the brand new exhibition at the RAF Museum at Hendon recently that re-worked and invigorated their world War One flying machine exhibition. “First World War in the Air” opened on the 4th of December 2014 and was funded partly by BAE Systems and the National Lottery grant we thought you should get a look at the brand new exhibition with a little on each of the more interesting points we saw. “Wing-nuts” will love this collection!

Monday, December 8

Mig has just shed light on his water release.…

Latest in the line from Mig’s AMMO brand is two new publications – dealing with some elements often not thought of in weathering and making dioramas. The Weathering Magazine #10 features all sorts of water whilst their new book on Light and the modulation on modules sheds some light on this subject as well..

Sunday, December 7

Aircraft, tanks, old camo and some good old "deposits" are on our Christmas list of AK Interactive's new products

AK Interactive has a whole new set of paint and weathering accessories on the way to us just in time for Christmas modelling – we have a round-up of what’s just been released from AK in today’s preview…

Friday, December 5

Review: "B-25 Factory Times" by Wim Nijenhuis

When a knowledgeable man like Wim Nijehuis makes a book about the construction of the B-25 Mitchel bomber we should take notice! – Nic was able to secure a copy and give a nice review for the news today….

Thursday, December 4

Review: Alpine's on the hunt for some large scale game with their new Panzerknacker in 1/16th scale

Alpine Miniatures have released a large scale gunner with an even larger gun - this 1/16th SS soldier is punching above his weight with an anti-tank rifle which ads a different dynamic to the figure. We built him up so you can see how he takes the stage.

Wednesday, December 3

ICM go “old skool” cruising 1913 style…..

Where will it stop? In our search to find new and wonderful first toolings of kits model companies are looking further into history and at different sales – we now go all the way back to AD1913 with the Model T Roadster from ICM in 1/24th scale.

Tuesday, December 2

Look what just dropped in - Francios builds the BMD-1 from Panda Hobby as a KFOR Peacekeeper.

Francois has taken on the new 1/35th scale Airborne assault tank -  the BMD-1 from Panda Hobby. With some nice K.F.O.R. decals from Star Decal he makes this into a Kosovo peacekeeper

Monday, December 1

Supercharging a Bentley – Guillaume builds Revell’s 1/24th scale 4,5 l. Bentley Blower

New to the family at TMN but an old hand at making models and a welcome addition is our man Guillaume who has had a crack at making the re-boxed Revel kit of the classic kit of the 4.5 litre “Blower” Bentley – one of the most famous racing cars in history – this British racing green car is built up for you to see what’s inside the box…