Monday, January 12

Construction Review: Masterclub's 1/35th IS/ISU (after 1945) workable track linlks

Our friend Thomas has sent us these in action shots of the much talked about new workable tracks from Masterclub. These come well recommended by some modellers we have talked to so what better then to get a decent review of them? Let's have a look at what  the quality is like...

Sunday, January 11

New kits have pulled up at the Hobbyboss depot for January…

Hobbyboss has a few new tanks, An American classic and  a clipped wing corsair for us to start off the new year in style  - any of these kits would be a good first step in your new year’s resolution to build more models…

Friday, January 9

Hasegawa’s new March 2015 items for selling to a captured audience

Hasegawa’s new items March are pretty Japan-centric really – several of the models here feature the red circle of Nippon and so these we know will be a big hit in their home country – but what does everyone else think? Let’s have a look…

Thursday, January 8

Review: Aviaeology’s Black Friday Beaufighters in 32nd scale - Two Sheets & Stencil Data Set.

With constant rumor of a new Beaufighter coming out and Revell’s re-released kit in 1/32 scale Aviaeology has seen good timing and sense in not only releasing two sheets to match but also some airframe stencils to recreate your Beau into a 404th squadron kite and alternatively a “Black Friday” veteran. Let’s have a look at these three sheets which house no less than twelve different aircraft...

Wednesday, January 7

A New Year and all new items from Verlinden!

Verlinden’s New Year brings a bunch of all new items to our working bench. Five new kits are here to add to a variety of scenes you are making in your mind – now let’s get making them in reality!

Tuesday, January 6

Takom's bog wheels keep on turning as they roll out in a convooooooyyyyy!

If you like big bulky trucks then these two new kits from Takom in 35th scale might move you – We have some info on them in our preview..

Monday, January 5

MiniArt Push it with their new angled dozer blade to add to their US army Tractor kit…

A few weeks ago when we saw the MiniArt Tractor we were thinking the same as everyone else… “Are they going to do the kit with the Dozer blade?”….
Well now they have the kit made we thought we should show you MiniArt’s progress with this alternate to the D7 tractor with a blade and roll cage in CAD, Sprue form and built up.

Sunday, January 4

Review: Paul builds CAM Models new A4e12 Vickers Carden Lloyd (VCL) Amphibious Tank

A new model maker on the scene is always good to see. Even if they are an arm of another company it means more models for us – but how is the quality, how does it go together? Well Paul thought he might take a look at Combat Armour Models (CAMs for short) new light amphibious tank A4e12 Vickers Carden Lloyd (VCL) in 35th scale and Chinese colours. Let’s see if this new kit sinks or swims…

Saturday, January 3

Review: Nuts & Bolts 33: Leichte Feldhaubitze 18, GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 “Wespe” and “Hummel-Wespe”

Nuts & Bolts publishing house are now up to Volume 33 in their comprehensive vehicle and weapon study with their latest book on the "Leichte Feldhaubitze 18, GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 “Wespe” and “Hummel-Wespe.” These books are known for a threefold approach trying to capture all pertinent to a weapon or vehicle through text, pictorial and then some modelling prowess thrown in. Let’s see if their latest is up with their greatest.

Friday, January 2

Swedish Supersonic Splinter - François & Nick build Tarangus’ Viggen

A kit that many have been looking forward to seeing coming to fruition is this 48th scale Saab Viggen from Tarangus. We know a lot of love went into creating the kit so Francois and Nick put just as much into building it so we can see the finished – sorry Swedish kit completed…