Saturday, January 31

Review: Eagle Editions "Wings of the Black Cross Special Number One" (Messerschmitt Bf 110)

Well having ten issues of “Wings of the Black Cross” under their belts you would have thought Eagle Editions has spent all it’s ammo - but no, the phoenix arises with a special edition centred exclusively on the development of the Messerschmitt Bf-110. Let’s have a look and see if this one has the quality and interest of the other titles in the range.

Friday, January 30

D-day in the Ardenne? Four new SS men in winter climes share a break

D-Day Miniature Studios is about to recreate the battle of the Bulge again with it’s two new paired sets of four single figures in 35th scale. If you like warmly dressed SS figures you are in luck…

Wednesday, January 28

Review: The Paint Guide for Figures of World War Two By Joaquin Garcia-Gasquez

We all like to improve. As modellers we would all like to be the best we can be, and there is an industry in education of modelling in airbrushing, painting and weathering and construction but never enough books and videos on the very personal method of painting figures. We thought we would look at Joaquin Garcia-Gasquez’ book on just that subject in today’s review…

Tuesday, January 27

New Patton M60 from AFV Club is here built up in preview…

About time many people say! The long awaited AFV Club M-60 Main battle tank has been made up for us to take a look at in today’s preview. Let’s see if you think the wait is worth it?

Monday, January 26

Gallery: Freedom Models new 48th scale Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAS

As always we are lucky enough to have someone talented build a recently released kit we thought you would want to see. It’s our turn to as Gary Wickham “where’s the cockpit?” in his latest build of Freedom Models new 48th scale Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAS

Sunday, January 25

KA Models Bf-109 G-10 & G-6 - A deadly new duo are launched in 48th scale

KA Models has broken old ground with the re-release of the Fujimi mould pattern on thieir new '109 kits - They have released two models of the Bf-109 (G-6 and G-10 models) in 48th scale – nothing new you think? Well  they look pretty simple to build and of a good quality - lets have a look at them in our preview

Saturday, January 24

Review: Airframe Album No.5: The Bristol Blenheim – A Detailed Guide to The RAF’s First Modern Monoplane Bomber

The latest Airframe Album is out – and this one features a well-known and much loved early WWII bomber. Today we read and review the new all in one book on the Bristol Blenheim.

Friday, January 23

Build review: Revell’s Airbus A400M Atlas in 1/144th scale

Revell have been making some nice new tooled kits – and Nic wanted to take on the mighty Airbus A400 in minuscule 1/144th scale – and even then it is BIG! See what he thought of the kit in today’s build review…

Thursday, January 22

MiniArt want you to shell out for some nice new artillery figures

Miniart never stop – for this we are glad as their kits always need that human touch – and to add to their new artillery gun emplacement base kit these new artillery figures look to get you firing…

Wednesday, January 21

Could this be the best box art in the world? Takom's Ratte & Maus with Lynx boxarts to further get you going...

Takom have been really busy – to add to the two large trucks we saw today we also have three German tanks to add to their Jan/Feb release schedule. A super looking kit of the modern 35th scale “Luchs” scout tank and the Super heavy combo of the “Maus” German tank and the still even mightier P-1000 Landkreuzer or “Ratte” – both in 1/144th scale for when going large is still possible on a normal workbench. Let’s see what there is so far..