Monday, November 30

AMMO’s new gear – instructional, space age and slow drying…

MiG’s AMMO brand - from their new encyclopaedia volume, to two paint sets for all of your spaceship needs to some slow drying superglue it’s all-new from AMMO this month. Let’s see what’s new….

Sunday, November 29

Revell of Germany's new kits - trucks & busses jets & choppers, tanks & staff cars it's all here..

A new month and a new bunch of diverse models from Revell of Germany. We have some built up pictures and info on all of them so please do enjoy our preview of the new Revell of Germany’s items for October…

Saturday, November 28

New 1/35th bears, pigs, puppies & pin-ups from Mantis

The cheeky surprise these ladies have is store for those Nazi pigs are surely something they won't “bear”? These two new figures from Mantis Miniatures are sold as individuals or in a set and we are going to look at them today. 

Friday, November 27

In-boxed: Our review of Kittyhawk's 32nd scale F-86K has landed...

After Nic’s wonderful build of Kittyhawk's 32nd scale F-86D we now have the export “Sabre dog” is up for review on TMN. We look at the difference between the “D” and “K” models in real life and some good shots of what’s in the box for this new release in 32nd scale from Kittyhawk.

Thursday, November 26

Takom new AMX 13 series – 3 French tanks in 35th scale & now with boxart to tempt-ye.

Throw away your ancient Heller kits guys! Set for release soon is the new French tank series in 35th scale based on the AMX 13 light tank – Three tanks of this line are to be produced (that we know of) initially with maybe more to come. The box art is just released and we would take a look at the series and maybe the possibilities of this tank in model form...

Wednesday, November 25

The force awakens in the offices of Revell of Germany with their new Star Wars kits..

A new month and a new bunch of new models from Revell of Germany. These will be a little bit more special in some modellers minds as they focus on the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens" and they are directed at younger and fast building modellers. We thought we might have a look at four of them in our preview for you to see what they are really like…

Tuesday, November 24

In-Boxed: Andy’s review of Meng’s 35th scale Mk.A Whippet Medium Tank

Recently Andy Moore has taken on the Takom Whippet tank from the WWI era here on TMN – Well he wanted to look at how Meng’s new version of the same tank fared so here is his review - having examined both kits we were interested to know what he thought…

Monday, November 23

Our own "Spirited Brother" Thomas checks out Zoukei-Mura’s new 48th scale Horten Ho-229

When Thomas from Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeller told us we could share his review of the new Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho 229 in 48th scale we said yes straight away. Thomas does great reviews and has excellent insight into this aircraft so strap yourselves in and let’s look at what he thought about this smaller Horten...

Sunday, November 22

A Hussar and a horse, A legion to be cheerful and an Orge letting out a Shrek are all new this month from Pegaso

Pegaso’s three new figures for November are with us, and they are as nice looking as they are well painted on their box-arts. We have some nice images of them in our November Pegaso Preview… 

Saturday, November 21

Review: AOA Decals 1/32nd scale “The Intruders’ Sandbox - USN/USMC A-6E Intruders in Libyan Strikes & Desert Storm”

With the A-6E in 32nd scale FINALLY available from Trumpeter we have now got a choice in alternate decals with AOA decals new sheet providing seven choices in that scale for your TRAM aircraft. Today we take a look at the sheet and try to find the aircraft IN the periods depicted to see if both decals and research are good or bad - see what we thought about them in our in-depth review.