Tuesday, January 12

Read n’ Reviewed: The de Havilland Hornet & Sea Hornet - A Detailed Guide to the RAF & FAA's Last Twin-engine Fighter

Valiant Wings Publishing’s new book on the de Havilland Hornet & Sea Hornet interested Gary more than a little as a book to review, partially because he had seen other books in this series, and partly ‘cos he liked this airframe. Click on to see if exactly what he thought about this new book in his review.

Monday, January 11

Stalingrad Miniatures give us a brief respite for a winter feed during the winter war.

Stalingrad have given us new images of their set of soldiers during a frosty winter meal and the children from the village they have conquered that maybe only one side will get anything out of. This new set from Stalingrad Miniatures shows the harsh conditions from both sides in this new big set in our preview…

Sunday, January 10

Read n’ reviewed: Black & White Technique By Jose Luis Lopez

A process that is much talked about and debated - Jose Luis Lopez’s work with the Black and White Technique of painting is kinda love it or hate it. So when we read his book explaining the way to achieve this finish would we love it or hate it as well? Maybe we just liked it? Let’s see how it reads in our review…

Saturday, January 9

Panda Hobby’s all new test shot build up picks of the new ZTZ-99A MBT…

Panda Hobby has released new shots of the coming  PLA-ZTZ-99A MBT tank we saw a lot of at the recent parade in Beijing. this has just been added to the CAD & video to see what’s coming…

Thursday, January 7

Life Miniatures goes to war with "General Winter" in Moscow 1941 with their latest sculpt

“General Winter” is the protagonist in the latest bust from Life Miniatures. The frame of the winter of 1941 is written all over this MG Gunner’s face – we thought we would give you a look at him unpainted, painted as well as some references of the source material in today’s preview.

Wednesday, January 6

MiG-31 BM Foxhound in 48th scale - Have AvantGarde Model Kits made a marvellous MiG?

our man in Belgium Corentin has already built the Fouga CM.170 Magister kit in 48th scale from AMK Models – today Nic from Brussels looks at the second of his kits from this new model maker. The new 48th scale Mig-31 BM/BSM Foxhound kit is a promising kit in previews we have seen but is it any good in the flesh? Let’s take a look before Nic builds the kit.

Tuesday, January 5

Read n’ Reviewed: The Arado Ar 196 - A Detailed Guide to the "Eyes of the Kriegsmarine"

Valiant Wings Publishing are well known for their Airframe Album series of books that try to place as much information about an aircraft in one place as possible – Gary has a copy of their latest book on the trusty Arado Ar 196 he has been reading during the holidays – see what he thought of the book in his review.

Monday, January 4

Revell of Germany have shown their cards – and their kits for 2016.

A new year and a new bunch of diverse models from Revell of Germany. We have some pictures, not a lot of info but some good ideas about all of the new tool (and older tooled perhaps) kits coming from Revell of Germany’s items for 2016…

Sunday, January 3

Hobbyboss’ February 2016 kits – What better way to make a new resolution…

I mean all – you all say “I wanna build more models” don’t you? You may just get your chance if any of these beauties for February release take your fancy -  Let’s see the kits and sprues in the Hobbyboss preview…

Friday, January 1

Read n' Reviewed: Panzer IV on the battlefield from Peko Publishing

PeKo Publishing has the mighty Panzerkampfwagen IV as its latest focus – and we think that a book on the main tank of the Axis is much deserved and hopefully worth the wait – Let’s see a few of the pages and what’s promised in this – Volume 10 of the popular series from the Hungarian publishers…