Saturday, April 30

Masterbox’s three 35th scale sets for the apocolypse, the end of Germany and for saving man's best freind..

Masterbox has announced their three kits in 35th scale that are expected for may and June this year. From the hard times of the end of WWII to the even harder days of a bleak post-apocalyptic future to man's best friend taking a bullet for his master - Let's see more of these three kits in today's preview...

Friday, April 29

Meng’s new Gepard in 35th scale – a more detailed 2 in 1 kit?

Meng has given us something that sounds familiar – the 35th scale Gepard SPAAG in 1/35th scale, but a whole lot more detailed than the other two kits on the market. Let’s look at the new kits features in our preview…

Thursday, April 28

Stalingrad capture desperate times with some desperate refugees of WWII.

In almost a haunting reminder of what is going on in many places around the world, Stalingrad Miniatures bring us a large set of 1/35th scale figures showing refugees and civilians of WWII on the road to who knows where? We have the pictures of the figures painted and unpainted and the reference pictures which inspired and served as guides to the sculptor in today’s preview

Wednesday, April 27

Build Review: Alpine Miniatures new “Afrika” DAK AFV crew set in 35th scale

With all of these new Tigers from Dragon and Ryfield Model depicting “Afrika” Tigers (along with everything that is already out there) what better time to get two new figures for your DAK diorama? Let’s see what Alpine made with this set of two figures or two single 35th scale soldiers from Tunisia in our build review…

Tuesday, April 26

In-Boxed: Takom's 35th scale T-55 AMV Russian Medium Tank

Takom’s new bunch of kits has hit our offices and we have all of them being built by some very good modellers – first of all, the Inbox reviews to show you what’s inside. Andy starts us off with his in-box of Takom’s T-55 AMV Russian Medium Tank in 35th scale. Let’s see what he thinks about this kit before he cuts plastic.

Monday, April 25

Man Oman! Tank Models new figures and sets in 35th scale for April 2016

Tank Models often bring us some great and original resin figures and their latest lot don’t disappoint – This month they have a Soviet tank crew going about their business and a pair of soldiers Oman in 71 feeling the heat – read on to see more in our preview...

Sunday, April 24

Pla Editions latest “Special” edition goes back to the 1991 Gulf War...

We take a look at the new book from Pla editions – it features the armoured fighting vehicles of the first Gulf War in  1991. The nature of the conflict saw many nations participate and so this book looks diverse as it is interesting – Let’s have a look at what models are inside in our preview…

Saturday, April 23

Build review: MiniArt's 35th scale U.S. Military Policeman w/ Motorcycle (Pt.II)

Recently Paul put together the MiniArt kit of the WLA Harley with Military Policeman on board. Not content just with this he also thought that he could get a nice result if he painted up a scene with this copper and his bike, so as a bit of a bonus here is his bike all painted up and ready to roar down the road…

Friday, April 22

Bruce finishes his Eduard kit of the 48th scale F-86F ‘Ultimate Sabre” in 48th scale and colourful markings.

Bruce Anders from Cutting Mat Capers has put his considerable skills into building the Eduard kit of the 48th scale F-86F ‘Ultimate Sabre” – a special edition with Hasegawa plastics pimped out with Eduard Brassin and photo-etched detail. Let’s see what he thinks about the kit in the wash up of his excellent build.

Thursday, April 21

Kittyhawk unleashes its MH-6/AH-6 Little Bird in 35th scale in CAD

Not much on this as yet – but we DO know the long awaited updated version of the MH-6J / AH-6J known as the “Little Bird” is slated for a forthcoming release. With the help of expert Floyd Werner from “Werner’s Wings” to help this will hopefully be a great update on the old “Loach” kit you might have built as a kid. Let’s have a look at the CAD images we have so far.