Monday, June 13

In-Boxed: Bandai’s 1/72nd scale A-Wing Starfighter

We have been a fan of the new Bandai Star Wars kits, and now Andy his hot little hands on the hotter and littler A-Wing Starfighter kit in 1/72nd scale, he thought he might show us all what’s in the box before he builds it. Let’s see what it looks like in his review.

Saturday, June 11

French WWI tanker crew with a pooch in support from Stalingrad…

Stalingrad Miniatures has just announced they have released a big set and single figures of soldiers of the French Tank Corps in World War One. Alexander makes some really unique looking figures and these are just as good looking as his previous releases like the British tankers from WWI we looked at a year ago. The fact we need more WWI tankers to match our new tanks from that era make them even more tempting.

In-Boxed: Zoukei-Mura's 1/32 scale Super Wing Series No.10 Do 335A-0 "Pfeil"

The late war wonder-aircraft that is the Dornier Do335 A-0 “Pfeil” has now been kitted for the second time in 32nd scale, this time in the Super Wing Series from Zoukei-Mura. We have been lucky enough to get one to examine the box contents and through a bit of researching and careful thought, we made a review of what’s in the box. Check it out in our detailed review…

Friday, June 10

IN BOXED: 35th scale A17 Vickers Tetrarch Light Tank MkI/ MkICS, from Bronco Models

Bronco Models have sent us their new 35th scale A17 Vickers Tetrarch Light Tank MkI/ MkICS to examine and show off for you. This kit is surprisingly dinky and the more you look at it the more you like the look of this ugly duckling. Let’s see what Clayton thought about the kit in his “in-boxed” review before he gets building it…

Wednesday, June 8

Italeri’s new items of July 2016: Battle ships, big rigs, a rescue chopper and a popular people carrier?

We have some pictures of the box-arts. Sprues, colours and decals of all of Italeri’s new July kits – they are an interesting set of very different models, See them in our preview…

Monday, June 6

Preview:Hobbyboss’ four new items for July 2016

Hobbyboss have four new releases for July -  A German Kangaroo, a French landship, an American heavy calibre lobber and a French Milan? Let’s see the kits and sprues in the our preview…

Saturday, June 4

Tiger model’s new 35th scale Russian T-90MS “Tagil” MBT - just in time before it is "Trumped"...

Before Trumpeter tries to "Gazump" this release by showing off a hazy image of thier own design we have several pictures of the fearsome T-90MS Tagil from Tiger model. This new improved version of the best Russian MBT in 35th scale with lots of detail can be seen in the completed plastic to show you a little more than a CAD picture before its release. See what it's gonna look a little like in our preview…

Francois builds Ffrom Models new 1/72 scaleBreguet Alizé

It’s not every day that a rare aircraft such as the Breguet Alizé is proposed in a model kit. Sure, there was a 1/72 scale kit that dated from the time the dinosaurs walked. Frrom has given us 4 options in their new kit, and Francios tested out the Indian version with this build review.

Friday, June 3

Tiger model’s new 35th scale "Terminator 2" is BACK and gee hasn't it built up!

The fearsome Russian BMPT-72 Fire Support Combat Vehicle in 35th scale with lots of detail pointed out for us to pore over before its release…Check out the feature set of this latest release in CAD & the new pictures from Tiger model in our test built up image preview

Wednesday, June 1

Construction Review Pt.II: Andy builds Takom's 35th scale T-55 AMV Russian Medium Tank

The contentious areas of the fuel tank and lines, the ERA armour and road wheels and suspension are put to the test today with Andy’s build of the Takom T-55amv kit in 35th scale. See how he has built up his tank in readiness for painting with Pt:II in his construction review.