Sunday, October 30

Andrea Miniatures goes mainstream with two new series in 35th & 16th scales

The latest figure release from Andrea Miniatures is set we think to capture a few more of the mainstream modeller's cash. They have done this by selecting a new sculpt in popular military scales of 35th & 16th scales (1200mm) – and then added to this by selecting a Luftwaffe WWII Fallschirmjäger. Let's have a look...

Friday, October 28

Build Guide: Andy's Armata Pt.II - The Objekt 149 in 35th

Russia’s new line of AFV’s based on the “Armata” are still a bit of an enigma outside Russia it seems – so a new kit of one of their latest vehicles, the T-15 Armata Objekt 149 by Panda Hobby in 35th scale, is surely of interest to many modellers out there. We have already seen an in-box review of the kit, now let’s see how Andy is going in part II of his build of the kit.

Thursday, October 27

The “Rogue One” kits awaken…Bandai’s K-2SO in 12th scale

To add to the other releases in 12th scale, Bandai has released what we think will be a cult figure of the new “Rogue One” Star Wars movie. The Imperial enforcer droid-gone-good K-2SO. – we have the key points and images, so take a look at this new kit in our preview…

Wednesday, October 26

Takom launch four new futuristic machines (for their time) onto the market

TAKOM’s have four releases set to “hit” before Christmas – they are all kind of related to each an earlier model in either tooling or theme. A new inter-war Mk. IV a V-2 rocket & V-2 launch tractor/ Trailer combo + a Krupp Raumer S - all in 35th scale injected plastic. Let’s look at these very tempting kits and what we know so far.

Gallery: Gary's 48th scale Horten Ho 229 from Zoukei-Mura

Here's one we did not show you yet - We thought it only proper to give you a decent walk around the final, finished gallery of Gary Wickham's build of Zoukei Mura’s new 48th scale Horten. The build turned out so well we think you all deserve the diversion into a "What-if future" scenarios from ZM and Gary-san.

Tuesday, October 25

Read n’ Reviewed: We look at the modern warfare world of Abrams Squad #16

Abrams Squad magazine – the modern armour themed modelling magazine is now in its 16th edition. We got it to read and thought you might want to see what is on offer this issue. Read on if you want to see just what's what in issue 16…

Monday, October 24

Barracuda Studios triple construction review:The gustav gets an upgrade...

New resin from Barracuda Studios is usually on point in accuracy and usefulness. They have released three more sets to suit the Revell (& Trumpeter) new tool 32nd scale Bf 109 "Gustavs" recently. We thought it only proper to compare these enhancements with the kit versions in-situ in today’s review to see if they are…

Saturday, October 22

Masterbox’ new kits of November/December 2016 are old & new fashioned at the same time..

Masterbox have offered us three new kits for December that are very different from the usual fare. The Great War – right up until the futuristic world of fashion are the range of diversity – did someone say diversity? Japanese maids will sort that category out…

Friday, October 21

Done and "Dusted" - Andy Finishes Meng's 35th Leopard 2A7 German Main Battle Tank (Part V)

Andrew Moore has already shown us his 35th scale Leopard 2A7 German Main Battle Tank kit from MENG in an insightful four-part build review series - Now that he has finished the kit see, how he sowed it all together in the last of his  “Big Cat Diaries.” 

Thursday, October 20

Read n' Reviewed: Ammo's How to Paint 1:72 Military Vehicles

Making an AFV in 1/72nd scale is something that a lot of people would not even think of doing.  How to paint and weather it is something altogether new for even more modellers. Lucky there is a new guide out to try and educate (or maybe even convert) us from AMMO. Clayton had a read of it – let’s see what he thought…