Wednesday, November 30

Gary Takes Off In A Mustang Pt. I: Meng's 48th scale P-51D build

Gary Wickham has already given us his first impressions in a review of the possibly game-changing new Meng Models P-51D Mustang in 48th scale. This kit goes together without glue, & the construction is meant to be as simple as possible. Let's see what Gary can do with his kit in Part I "how-to" build.

Tuesday, November 29

Building the Big Blue Banshee - Kitty Hawk's 48th scale F2H-2 & F2H-2P kit.

Francios & Nico were very happy to see the new Kittyhawk boxing of the F2H-2  /F2H-2P Banshee in 48th scale arrive they set themselves a challenge - They wanted to build it all up in only seven days. Would this help or hinder the process? Would the kit hold up? Let's see in thier build review today.

Monday, November 28

Build Review: 1/72nd scale Pz.Kpfw II Ausf L LUCHS with Zusatzpanzerung from Flyhawk Model

Having already made one of these lovely little Luchs in 72nd scale from Flyhawk Model, who better to send the second kit in the series – the “Pz..Kpfw II Ausf.L Luchs with Zusatzpanzerung” in the same scale? If you want to see this kit built up – or just don't know what the tarnation Zusatzpanzerung is, then maybe you should see his review...

Sunday, November 27

Build review shootout: Hero Hobby Vs Tamiya Kübelwagen Type 82 in 35th scale...

Hero Hobby is a new injection moulded kit maker from China. As a launch project, they have kept it simple & probably pretty smart. They have released the two staples of the German army in WWII. The 35th scale Typ k1 Kubelwagen Type 82 and the German Pkw.K2s Schwimmwagen Type 166. Both new tooled kits that really do need to be freshened up from the 1997 era boxing of the Tamiya kits. Did they improve on this old master? Let's see...

Saturday, November 26

Read n' Reviewed:The Weathering Magazine ISSUE 17 "WASHES, FILTERS & OILS"

With the new "Oil Brusher" series coming out in a big push from AMMO what better way to show them off than in your own magazine? We look at the latest edition of "The Weathering Magazine" and see if there is more to it than that...

Friday, November 25

Dual Build Review of a historic scene: Neucraft Models WWII US Army Lieutenant & Red Army Female Officer

Neucraft have several new figures in their exclusive ranges from different sculptors, today we are reviewing the pair in a quite historical photo of a US GI and Soviet female officer in the 1945. We look at each of the figures and build them to see what they are like in our review..

Thursday, November 24

More Pin-ups, heads, accessories , small soldiers & animals that are high up - from Mantis Miniatures

Mantis add to their "pin-up" series of girls we have already looked at with two more to make a "Big Set." In addition to this, we see two new animal sets, an accessory, a head set and some small scale tankers of the Wehrmacht. Check them all out in our new preview...

Wednesday, November 23

Bandai’s "Rogue One” kits continue with a new TIE Striker in 72nd scale…

To add to the other “Rogue One” Star wars injection moulded kits comes the news that Bandai is also making the new “TIE Striker” atmospheric fighter in 72nd scale along with key points and images so take a look at this new kit in our preview…

Tuesday, November 22

A new learning DVD from J.M.Villalba: Detailing, painting and weathering United States WWII fighters

Last year we looked at the very good learning video from top modeller J.M.Villalba called "RLM - Painting and Weathering Luftwaffe WWII aircraft." Now, a year later, we have a new DVD covering the other side of the air war in WWII. USAF aircraft get the same expert modelling treatment in his new DVD. We have the info and a video snippet in today's preview...

Monday, November 21

Get on the "Thunder model" train this January for their new German Gedeckter Güterwagen G10

“Thunder Model” has been on our early warning radar for a while. They are releasing a new kit to follow up their Hetzer recovery tank and Case Vai Tractor. Now we have the most common railcar during WWII. This covered wagon looks pretty good for dioramas and any scenic models. Let's have a look at what is coming in CAD form...