Monday, March 6

Revell's March kits are not that many in number but interesting to some...

We hope they are interesting anyway – Not a lot to show you from Revell of Germany this month of March, but hey different strokes for diff'rent folks! There are some favourites bundled with paint for easy or younger builders here as well. Let's see what's new from Germany this month in our preview…

Sunday, March 5

Sprues, decals & box pics of the new 32nd scale F-35 + five other new kits from Italeri in March

As well as the new large-scale F-35 Lightning II that looks very impressive - Italeri has Five other pretty good looking kits sure to pique more than some interest with modellers around the world - Let’s see the sprues, decals & pictures in our preview…

Friday, March 3

Eisernes Kreuz' "Der Adler" 1940 is about to take off in 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, & 1/16 scales

Andrea Miniatures new military series "Eisernes Kreuz" has released something that will enliven the aircraft builders out there - a new multi-scale release of these two Luftwaffe men, a pilot and his assistant on the ground suiting up for a big day over the English Channel. Let's take a look and see a little of the real scenario behind the picture in our preview...

Thursday, March 2

No NOT 1/12th scale - It's a massive 1/2 (half) scale BB-8 Droid on the way from Bandai

We have heard rumours, and even seen a mock-up at the recent Tokyo Model fair, no wit seems Bandai are full steam ahead with their development of the little spherical shaped Robot BB-8 from "The Force Awakens" in 1/2 scale - yes that's right HALF SCALE. We have some early promo pictures and info for you in our preview...

Wednesday, March 1

Book Preview: Accion Press - "Landscapes of War. Vol.III - Rural Environments" for those who like to unwind in the countryside...

Accion Press – the people who bring us the much loved "Panzer Aces" magazine and the several books on modelling including "Greatest Aircraft Guide" & "Guide to Dioramas" volume I & II have now dropped the third book into the lineup – so more knowledge, inspiration and wonderfully recreated scenes await in "Landscapes of War. Vol.III - Rural Environments"

Tuesday, February 28

Construction Review: Alpine Miniatures 1/35th scale German Panzer Crew Set

We seem to be seeing a lot more obscure vehicles in the latest 35th scale models coming out from many model companies. Reason says there is a need for crews to populate these vehicles. Alpine Miniatures has seen a need for some new early war Panzer crew, sold as singles or as a pair, these crewman look ok in the preview we have seen, but let's see how they look unpainted straight from the box and made up...

Monday, February 27

Read n' Reviewed: Abrams Squad #18 - Bringing us the best of modern warfare in 2017...

Abrams Squad has now given us an eighteenth issue – with this new magazine taking us into unfamiliar territory. Along with the usual 35th scale tanks, this instalment features both 48th and 72nd scale tanks and dios as well! Let's see how these different scales fit into this issue and what we thought about it.

Saturday, February 25

(A not much to) build review - 35th scale "Zombie Sweeper Girl" from Mob Miniatures

Another new 1/35th scale resin figure from Mob Miniatures is up for review today – This time a scantily-clad warrior woman who hunts the zombies. If you are worried about the lack of clothing, well she has protection - a large gun strapped to her leg! Let's put the puns aside and look at this new figure from the Biochemical Frenzy series...

Friday, February 24

Read n' Reviewed: Scrapyard Armour.Modelling Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard

A lot of you have probably heard of the authors of the book we reviewed today – Mark Neville, Andy Taylor and David Parker... These three modellers have been plying their trade for a long time, and know how to write, take photographs and most importantly turn out a good model. So when they teamed up to make a book that features the wrecked tanks from a Russian scrapyard we were hoping for the best. See what we thought about their new book "Scrapyard Armour.Modelling Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard"

Thursday, February 23

In-boxed: Amusing Hobby's 35th scale Jagdpanther II

Amusing Hobby carries on their line of paper panzers with one of the biggest hitters, and something that World of Tanks players will be familiar with, the mighty Jagdpanther II in 35th scale. We have some the kit to show you what is inside and what to expect before we start to build the kit (too late we have already started) Let's have a look at what's in the box.