Thursday, April 13

Available right now - the updated "Hog" from Reid Air Publications - "The Modern Hog Guide - 2nd Edition"

The people from Reid Air Publications have surprised us with their announcement of an upgraded, second volume of their great book on the A-10 "The Modern Hog Guide", we have some info on what is new, also the news that the book is now available to pre-order. Read on Hog lovers...

Wednesday, April 12

Construction Guide Pt.II: Paul finishes Bronco's Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.A German Armored Command Car

We have already seen Paul's Inbox review and his first part of a construction guide for Bronco Models new Sd.Kfz 247 kit. Today he finishes the AFV inside and out, and we see how the kit fared as a whole his build guide.

Tuesday, April 11

May's releases from Hasegawa - jets, cars, fighters AFV's and Claire Frost?

Today we are looking at the releases from Hasegawa in May. New colours and making the best of a back catalogue are what they are good at, so let's see if the kits of May are of interest or not to builders out there...

Monday, April 10

Andy paints & weathers his KTO Rosomak w/OSS-M Turret from IBG Models

Andy Moore has already given us his insight into the 35th scale kit of KTO Rosomak w/OSS-M Turret from IBG Models in an Inbox review & a construction guide. Today he gets to painting and weathering the Rosomak in Part III of the story.

Sunday, April 9

A Ship the Size of Alaska, a Springbok Mustang, the T-18 & a Soviet Captured Car Make Up Hobbyboss' April Assemblies

Hobbyboss have provided sprue shots, colour schemes and some lovely box art for their April releases - It would be almost churlish not to have a look at them don't you think? Let's see what's new from them this month in our preview...

Friday, April 7

Build guide Pt.III: Gary seals and shines his 48th scale Meng P-51D

Gary Wickham has already given us his first impressions in a review,  a first part and then the second part in his build guide. Today we see the construction completed and the first layers of paint and metallics laid down before the colours start.  Let's see what Gary did with his kit in Part III "how-to" build.

Thursday, April 6

Italeri's new five for April, a Brummbar, a Staghound, a canberra, Phantom and an old MAN???

Five good looking kits from Italeri this month, a classic MAN, a sightseeing German Bear, A Staghound and a Phantom. Let's see how these kits look in the box before they hit the shelves...

Wednesday, April 5

Triple review – Ultracast's new props and exhausts for the Curtiss P-40 in 48th scale

After his recent P-40 build of the Bronco kit here on TMN, we thought that Bruce from Cutting Mat Capers should be the one to look at these new enhancements from Ultracast. See what he thought about them in today's review... 

Tuesday, April 4

Build Guide: Making the Amusing Hobby 35th scale Jagdpanther II

Amusing Hobby carries on their line of paper panzers with one of the biggest hitters, and something that World of Tanks players will be familiar with, the mighty Jagdpanther II in 35th scale. The best review is a build review - so see how we fared in our build of the kit in today's story...

Saturday, April 1

AMMO’s new products, informative, French and maybe a little bit dirty…

MiG’s AMMO brands newest items are with us - from their two new weathering magazines on aircraft and pigments to the new mud and earth effects to new shades fro French jets, we bet there is something interesting for you to look at. Let’s see what’s new….