Wednesday, December 13

Trumpeter’s new releases…from the air, sea and ground to you in January 2018

Trumpeter's January new year releases are just leaving the factories now, with a large sale Mig trainer, a most modern Nelson, Another Paper tank destroyer and a Multi rocket launch system ready to dump on us. We have the sprue shots, markings & boxart in today’s preview.

Tuesday, December 12

Pt.III of Clayton's Painting & Finishing Guide:for Bronco's 35th scale Cruiser Tank Mk.II/IIA/IIA CS

Clayton has arrived at the end of his build of Bronco Models has new 35th scale British Cruiser Tank. He has given us an inbox review and a build guide, but today we see it all come together really nicely in his painting & finishing guide...

Sunday, December 10

Three new releases of WWII GI's in 35th scale from Alpine Miniatures

For those of you needing more US GI’s to populate your dioramas look no further –, Alpine Miniatures has given us two new 35th scale American troops on the way to do something or other, much needed and of high quality, see what these look like in our new item preview…

Thursday, December 7

Italeri's January’s new year releases celebrate the “One True Scale” in a big way

Italeri has launched their 2018 account with more World of Tanks & Warships model kit sets, more 2nd armour and a Stuka with a funny name – see what we are talking about in our new item preview for Italeri…

In-Boxed: Hong Kong Models 1/32nd scale De Havilland Mosquito B Mk. IX

Hong Kong Models released their Stage Two Merlin engined Mosquito B Mk.IX late last year - and now the new year's haze has passed we thought we would give you a look at the kit, what is new and what we thought about the model in our "In-boxed" review...

Wednesday, December 6

1/32nd scale HK Models B-17 E/F Flying Fortress Build Guide: Lukas puts some the teeth in the turrets...

Lukas' build of the HK Models new E/F version of the Flying Fortress in 32nd scale continues apace. His latest part shows us how he detailed up the turrets that bristled the machine guns that made this thing a true "fortress". Here is the latest part of his step-by-step build guide to show you how he has got it to this stage.

Tuesday, December 5

Great Wall Hobby's new 48th scale Sukhoi S-35 Flanker E in CAD & Virtual Sprues

Great Wall Hobby has already shown us the 48th scale Su-35 Flanker S at the All-Japan Hobby Show in a test build up. Now the Flanker “E” kit in 48th scale is here, at least in CAD format anyway. Pore over the multiple angles and the CAD sprues (is that a thing?) in our preview…

Monday, December 4

Zvezda's new items for 2018 in their catalogue (grab a Russian speaking buddy for this one...)

Zvezda is next in line to show us their wares for 2018.  The new catalogue with existing models and all new items for 2017 - the only catch is you need to speak Russian to decipher everything, but the smart ones amongst you can work out what's coming...They are all there in this preview.

Sunday, December 3

Build Guide Pt II: Bruce masks & paints Kittyhawk's 48th scale Su-35 "Flanker E"

Our man Bruce is building his Kittyhawk 48th scale Su-35 “Flanker E” at apace - The kit is in the paint shop and nearly finished, but he has filed another build article so you can see just how it is coming together in part II of his build guide...

Friday, December 1

Build Guide: Clayton puts together Takom's British M3 Grant Medium Tank

Clayton has already given us a very nice construction article on his Takom M3 Grant Medium tank. and today he is back with a completed kit and a different take on his Australian training tank in a slightly different training scenario. see how it came out in his step by step guide.