Wednesday, January 31

Kinetic Model's catalogue for 2018 and a few extras...

Kinetic Model has released their new catalogue for 2018 in time for the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. There are some nice new kits in there - and although it is only a small catalogue it is worth a look. See what they (will) have in store for us in 2018 in our preview...

Monday, January 29

Gary's Construction Guide - Meng Models 48th scale Lockheed Martin F-35A JSF Lightning II Pt.I: Cockpit & Pilot

For those of you wanting to know how Gary Wickham is going with his build of Meng's new F-35A Lightning II in 48th scale today's your day" See how he works his usual magic to get the cockpit and pilots sorted in today's article.

Sunday, January 28

In-Boxed: 48th scale Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" PLAAF from Kittyhawk

Kitty Hawk has already released its 48th scale version of the Sukhoi "Flanker-E" to eager modellers. Now a new boxing of the kit with upgraded parts to further enhance your kit has arrived - this one featuring the aircraft of the PLAAF. Frank Crenshaw has just started making the kit but has paused to show us the parts included in this particular boxing before he got building his own Flanker.

Friday, January 26

A little short - even for a 1/2th scale stormtrooper? Bandai using new technology to reproduce Han & Luke in 2018

We have long been waiting for Bandai to make that jump into the uncanny valley of producing figures with realistic faces - now they have given us models of 1/12th scale Luke and Han dressed up as Stormtroopers - where next and how did they produce these? See for yourself in our preview...

Thursday, January 25

In-Boxed: 1:35th scale T-55A EARLY Mod. 1965 from MiniArt

Andy King has joined the gang here at TMN, and he has been eyeing off that T-55A EARLY Mod. 1965 From MiniArt in 35th scale – so what better than to get him to put it together you say? Well, let's see how the kit looks before glue hits the sprue in his build review…

Wednesday, January 24

ICM Models Catalogue & new items of 2018-2019

Looking at these new models from ICM we see some surprising new tooled items in small and the largest of the usual modelling scales. All of the new items are clearly marked so you can easily pick them out, so feast your eyes on what's new and what maybe isn't in this lot.

Tuesday, January 23

In-Boxed: Adny starts off with his review of the 1/35th scale M31 US Tank Recovery Vehicle from Takom

Last year Andy Moore made the 35th scale kit of Takom's version of the M3 Lee here on TMN - he showed us pretty much all you needed to know about that model. The subsequent release of the heavy duty recovery version of the Lee - the M31 is now with us - & again Andy is already building his. He has paused to show off the kit's contents here in today's "in-boxed" section.

Monday, January 22

Construction review: Paul puts together the M1 Abrams MBT from Panda Hobby 1/35th scale

The mighty Abrams tank – still top of the heap on the battlefield and the modern warfare modelling benches. Paul has already made his up, and before he got to painting and weathering it he gave us his thoughts and a handy guide for all of us making our own kit. See how he went in today's story...

Saturday, January 20

Hasegawa's February kits are a little familiar - see if you can spot the differences...

Hasegawa's February items offer lots of stuff we have seen before, but in different boxings - treat it like a game show and see how many you might be interested in our preview...

Friday, January 19

Preview: AK Interactive has several new releases released this month of January...

AK Interactive has a new small-scale model and a revamp of their book on oils, a new "Damaged" magazine, several pigment colour sets to suit every need in their January releases. These are now live on the AK Website, so we have some pictures and info in today's preview...