Friday, February 23

Build Guide: Italeri’s 1/32 F-35 Part III "Queen of the masking tape" finished!

The Belgian connection rides again! Nicolas & François team up to finish their great build of the Italeri F-35A Lightning II in 32nd scale. See how they finished it and how they tackled the complex paint job in this, part III of their build guide...

Thursday, February 22

Book Preview: New title from EuroModelismo - PANZER ACES Profiles vol 2.

Vol II of the books covering the Panzer Aces of the German forces of WWII from the Euro Modelismo has hit the printers. We have some preview pictures & information to show you a little bit more of what to expect in our book preview...

Wednesday, February 21

In-Boxed: 1/72nd scale MIG-21F from Modelsvit.

Modelsvit is a fairly new model company to us, so when one came past our desk intrepid Clayton put his hand up to build this - the Mig-21F in 72nd scale. He thought he would show you what is in the box of this before he got to make it into something special (as he always does). See what he thought about what was in the box in his review.

Tuesday, February 20

In-Boxed: 1/35th scale Lanchester Armoured Car from Copper State Models

Copper State Models are a new company that has specialised until recently in WWI aircraft, figures & aftermarket sets in many scales. Recently they have broadened their range into 35th scale early armoured cars with this kit of the Lanchester Armoured Car of WWI vintage. Andy Moore has taken up the challenge to build that kit - but first, see what he found when he opened the bow in his review.

Monday, February 19

Tools Tried n’ Tested: MENG Models MTS-026 Advanced Side Cutters

We got our buddy Andy Moore to test out the new precision sprue cutters from Meng Model,  and he got to using them in a "snip" - See what he thought about the cutters after two months or so of heavy use in his "Tried n' Tested" review today...

Sunday, February 18

In-Boxed: Kittyhawk's 1/35th scale AH-6J/MH-6J Little Bird "Nightstalkers"

This new "Little Bird"  1/35th scale AH-6J/MH-6J Little Bird "Nightstalkers" model from Kittyhawk models is the perfect storm you might think - small, easy to produce for the model company, it has a
 large fan-base, and it is easy to display for the modeller, even at 35th scale... But what was in the box and how do the parts and options look? See what we thought in the first, "In-boxed" part of the review before we build it...

Saturday, February 17

Build Review:Clayton builds an "Alpine Tiger" World War Toons Tiger II from Meng Models...

We have already shown you build guides of three of the "cute" style cartoon tanks from MENG, a Tiger I and a Sherman M4, as well as Clayton's earlier KV-2 - but now there is another beast in the same series to join them. We have Clayton's inbox and built up in a step-by-step guide to show you his new World War Toons Tiger II...

Wednesday, February 14

Gary's Construction Guide: Meng Models 48th scale Lockheed Martin F-35A JSF Lightning II Pt.II: A lot of bodywork and plumbing (did we mention re-wiring?)

After an In-Box and the first part of Gary's Construction Guide featuring the Cockpit tub & Pilot - today sees the second part of the build where Gary plumbs the gearbays in some great details and attempts to replicate the intricate bodywork seen on the real JSF to Meng Models 48th scale Lockheed Martin F-35A. See how it is progressing in today's story...

Tuesday, February 13

Read n' Reviewed: "Panther & Jagdpanther Units, The Eastern Front – From Operation Bagration to Berlin" by Dennis Oliver & Stephen Andrew

With all of these Panther kits coming on tot he market (Pantherquest 2018) from a bunch of model manufacturers what better time for the excellent collaboration of Dennis Oliver and Stephen Andrew? Their latest book on the Panther and Jagdpanther Units, The Eastern Front – From Operation Bagration to Berlin features this - THE model kit story of the year - see what Paul thought after he read the book in his review...

Monday, February 12

Inbox & Dry Build: Gary fits an extra seat in Kittyhawk's 48th scale Su-17/22UM-3K "Fitter"

Gary Wickham gave us an impressive review and "dry-build" of Kittyhawk's 48th scale Su-17/22 M3 a while ago, we think the best account of this kit we have seen so far - So when the two-seater became available who else should we give it to dry fit the parts and give a decent assessment of the fit? You guessed it...Gary shows us what is different and what is new with this boxing of the kit.