Tuesday, July 31

Painting & finishing Guide:1/35th Scale Hungarian Medium Tank 41.M ‘Turan’ II from Bronco Models

Clayton has the 1/35th Scale Hungarian Medium Tank 41.M ‘Turan’ II  from Bronco Models finished already. This time he has combined both AMMO weathering materials with Mission Model Paints - a brand he has tried for the first time - to make a beautiful model. See how he put it all together in his painting & weathering guide...

Monday, July 30

Trumpeter's August new releases - Russian armour, a US tip truck & the "Shitty Kitty" (not our nickname) in our preview

Trumpeter has four new kits on the way in August. Now we have some admittedly pretty poor) sprue shots from them we can show you a little more of what is in the kits. See the sprues, photo-etch, art, decals and everything else in the boxes in our Trumpeter new item preview...

Sunday, July 29

“Prototypes for the Reich” Heinkel He 280 from Eduard Model Accessories - A Quick build by Andrew Perren

Andrew Perren has given himself a little palette cleanser with his latest build, the Eduard kit of the Heinkel He 280 in 48th scale. This kit is a known commodity, with parts from the special hobby kit with Eduard's added Photo-etch and deals but we thought it would be interesting to see what Andrew could do with the kit...

Saturday, July 28

The many colours, shapes and scales of Revell's new September releases in our preview...

The new items from Revell of Germany this month include a nice big rig, a colourful Rafale, a giant of the skies, a missile with a man in it and a beautiful ship with sails - Today we show you the box-art, features & built-up models in this month's new releases preview...

Friday, July 27

Miniart's Flettner FI 282 V-23 - the captured Hummingbird in five different colour choices.

We have some details about Miniart's newest 35th scale version of the Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri ("Hummingbird"). This is the "V-23" version that saw service with not just the Germans but in testing with the US services also - this variant having five different marking choices. Find out more about this kit, its parts, how it looks going together & the real aircraft in our preview...

Thursday, July 26

Kittyhawk's new F-5F “Tiger II” with two new pilots and a access ladder coming at August.

Kittyhawk has shown us more of their new F-5F “Tiger II” that is coming at Agust. The addition of the colour schemes and the two pilot crew and access ladder are nice additions to a kit that is already doing very well with the modelling public. See the schemes and the pilots in our preview...

Tuesday, July 24

Dry Fit Review: Andy Moore exams & dry-fits his 48th scale Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback from Kittyhawk.

Andy has already shown us what he thinks of the parts and pieces that come in the box of Kittyhawk's 48th scale Su-34 Fullback kit in his "In-boxed" review. Today he goes deeper & dry fits the parts, showing how they go together while looking at the kit build a lot more closely to better plan the build ahead. See what he thought in his "dry fit" review.

Sunday, July 22

A close look at the Tanks 'n AFV's from Bovington's Tankfest vehicle park.

This year we got to attend The Tank Museum's annual event "Tankfest" at Bovington in the UK. Running from the 29th June 2018 through 'till the 1st of July we got to spend two days at the show and we have many pictures of the museum, the static park & the conservation hall to show you. Today we will show the tanks and AFV's before they take to the arena with some nice close-up pictures before the action stated in the arena.

Saturday, July 21

Dry fit & review: Gary pieces together KittyHawk's 1:48 McDonnell F-101B / RF-101B

When Gary Wickham gets a kit to review you know the reader is going to receive their money's worth in an examination, a historical examination & tracking down od the original aircraft, a comparison of parts and even a dry fit of the kit thrown in. Today he does all this with the new Kittyhawk 48th scale McDonnell F-101B / RF-101B Voodoo to show you what it is made up of. See what he thought in today's article.

Friday, July 20

Barracuda Studios latest and greatest parts, upgrades & Improvements...

Barracuda Studios are seeing to your much-needed aircraft additions, corrections or improvements (depending on how you feel about the donor kit) and their new sets look like they are indeed that - one up on the plastic they are replacing. Take a look at what's new in our preview...