Thursday, January 31

MiniArt & Introducing Mini Crafts embroidery new items from Spielwarenmesse 2019

The Nuremberg Toy Show  is in full swing for the exhibitors with lots of reports from the event are coming in - Today Charlie has sent us new pictures of MiniArt & their new bead embroidery sister company Mini Crafts new items from the coming year, lots of great things to see at the Spielwarenmesse 2019

Tuesday, January 29

Preview of Italeri’s Catalogue & New Items for 2019/20

Italeri has some very interesting new items coming to us this coming year. Some larger and smaller scale bits that we did not expect or think about but we are most glad to see them coming and some we have expected for a while. See what you can pick out as their newest amongst this lot in our preview…

Monday, January 28

Happy (Chinese) New Year to Hobbyboss as we look at their February releases...

Hobbyboss have shown us the sprues for one of the two new kits of February 2019, we have the boxart, camo colours and a lot more information from Hobbyboss on these two popular vehicles for the Chinese New Year in our preview......

Saturday, January 26

Dry Fit Review: Kittyhawk's 48th scale MiG-25 RB/RBT Foxbat B

Kittyhawk's new 48th scale MiG-25 RB/RBT Foxbat B was recently released, and we thought who better to review it than the guy who has made the first release of the Foxbat by Kittyhawk Mr Gary Wickham? See as Gary compares and contrasts this with the earlier release in his excellent review...

Thursday, January 24

Preview: Trumpeter kits of March with boxart, colours & many sprues included

We have four very different vehicles in Trumpeter's new releases in March. We waited till we got the sprue shot - a little small for our taste but that's life and at least we have them packed with box art, colours and everything else in the box in our March preview...

Wednesday, January 23

We preview Hasegawa's Models for March

Hasegawa's latest items have already been announced for March this year. There are some interesting bits in here, some re-hashed but interesting all the same. See if you find anything you like in our preview...

Tuesday, January 22

Preview: Meng's new World War toon tank, the German Heavy Tank VK45.01 "Tiger P"

Meng Models and Studio Roqovan are teaming up again to create another vehicle in the "World War Toons" series - this time an ever so cute version of the prototype that never got to serve - the Tiger P VK45.01 is in our preview...

Monday, January 21

In-Boxed: 1/35th scale Yanmar YT5113A Tractor from Hasegawa

Something a little different but no less appealing today with Andy Moore's in-box review of Hasegawa's new Yanmar YT5113A Tractor in 35th scale. A model that in the right hands could be made into anything the modeller's imagination can think of - hopefully Andy takes this one on...

Saturday, January 19

Build Guide (& pimping out) Meng's World War Toons M5 Stuart Light Tank

We have made a few of the "World War Toon" kits from Meng recently - and every time we were thinking "How do we make these even better? The kit is great for a simple build, but there is room to pimp these little kits out as far as the imagination will stretch. See how this reporter took an otherwise pretty plain choice and detailed it up into a cool killer in our build review...

Friday, January 18

ICM Models Catalogue & new items of 2019-2020

Looking at these new models from ICM we see some surprising new tooled items in small and the largest of the usual modelling scales. All of the new items are clearly marked so you can easily pick them out, so feast your eyes on what's new and what maybe isn't in this lot.