Wednesday, July 27

TMN on Tour: RIAT Airshow - RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire Saturday16th 2011

We were lucky enough to see the exotic and dynamic aircraft at this year's RIAT Airshow in RAF Fairford in the UK. We took a bunch of pictures of the impressive aircraft and vehicles there, and we have it today for you in our photo-essay of the day and event.

TMN on Tour
RIAT Airshow 2011
When: 13-15 July 2011
For ticket information, help to plan your visit, what's on the showground, photos & video galleries and details on previous shows visit the RIAT Website:

We attended the excellent (but rather wet this year) RIAT Airshow in Glostershire UK – this event is the biggest in the UK every year and attendance was estimated at around 150,000 people. Every conceivable aircraft and nationality was there – and although some cancellations and bad weather affected the show it was good fun nevertheless!! Click on below to see some more of the aircraft that attended…

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Thanks to the lovely people of RIAT who organized my attendance this year. This is a wonderful (we think the best) show on the UK circuit so If you can go then we advise you to buy a ticket for next year!