Saturday, June 29

Inbox & video build review Pt.III: M2A2 Bradley ODS from Magic Factory

Clayton from Workbench Hobbies gives us part III of his build & review of the M2A2 ODS SA IFV in 35th scale from Magic Factory. Today it is the finishing touches & final weathering in his video...

Inbox & video build review Pt.III: M2A2 ODS SA IFV
From Magic Factory
Kit No #2007
1/35th scale
Plastic injection model kit
Photo-etch & 3D printed resin included
Two marking choices provided in the box
We have already seen part I of this build in a video review. Clayton showed us some of the construction and the primer going on the kit before the colours went on to the kit.
We then saw part II of the story, with the painting ans masking of the kit in the digital pattern of the Ukrainian armed forces as the subjects in the limelight.

The two marking choices from the current war in Ukraine are included in this kit.
In this second part of the video guide, you can see clayton's mask that he has developed to replicate this scheme and the three tone camouflage he applies, ready for the last step of weathering & painting...
Today we see part three - moving on from the base paint & masking to his process of weathering and finishing of the kit. Before you look at the video you can see the finished kit, looking great in Clayton's hands.

The final part of the build video...
This video picks up where we left off a couple of weeks ago and takes a deep-dive into some of the more advanced weathering techniques using a range of product from acrylic terrains paste, to enamel washes and wet effects. Every technique is accessible and learnable, so with a little time and practive you too can be achieving results similar to these....

Clayton Ockerby

That is all we know about these two models in the one box for now - Check out the Magic Factory Website & Facebook Page
See more of Clayton's amazing works on his YouTube Channel, his modelling portal "Workbench Hobbies" or his FB page