Friday, March 16

Academy releases updated with exciting new tool Hetzer and an Accurate Avenger

Academy have sent news of two new kits for both World War II aircraft and tank modellers. These kits are new toolings and look to be great releases - although there isn't a lot of news yet  well try to see what can be deducted from the Promo Shots. Click on below for these and other Academy releases info that we have to hand. 

 The small tank destroyer bases on the 38t chassis is captured here in a new tool release - it has lots of competition already in 1/35th scale - the older Italeri and Tamiya kits (Which include a kit from Bilek in the Czech Republic)  are already in good circulation as long as a wonderful kit from Eduard which pretty much wipes the floor with the other kits - this kit will have to be good!

 This Late version Hetzer kit includes Photo etch rear radiator grille and two figures and as a great bonus a mask to paint the camouflage easily

 Well the kit does look impressive - we will see if it can beat the stiff competition soon enough!

 We also have a TBM-3 Avenger torpedo bomber from the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill in 1/48th scale. This is based on the Accurate Miniatures kit from the early 2000's
 The Accurate Miniatures  Avenger - although over ten years old is still a great kit and this re-issue ups the ante more with new decals from industry benchmarks Cartograf from Italy. The kit 's surfaces are highly detailed and included in this release are a weapons load of eight rockets underwing.

For more on these and other Academy kits just click on the banner below to go their website

February News from Academy

Academy from Korea have send more news of their latest two lits in very different styles - a massive new tool B-17G bomber in 1/72 and a diminutive in comparison Korean airforce acrobatics team T-50B from the "Black Eagles" - we have some pictures for you to scour over to try and glean some more information...
The 1/72 B-17G looks very much like a re-boxed version of Academy's 2005 release with the addition of new decals from Cartograf. In fact it is a new tool release from the 15th Air Force - we will see what transpires with the end kit!
This kit promised all of the standard fare of an open or closed bomb bay and landing gear with engraved panel lines and rivet detail - we will show you more detail on this one as we know it..
Next in line we have a pretty neat looking kit in 1/48th scale - the national aerobatics team probably got this model kitted by Academy where it may have only come out as a decal somewhere else -  It is the kit of the “Black Eagles” The R.O.K. (Republic of Korean) Air force. These pilots fly the locally made T-50 fighter - a look alike of the F-16 fighting falcon with similar flying capabilities. 
The previews are just our but we can confirm that the kits decals are pretty extensive and are printed by Cartograf. The kit includes features like two pilot figures, a fully riveted and lightly panelled fuselage and several options like landing gear and canopy multi-positionable and things like dummy missiles for the wing-tip pylons. The cockpit especially looks very nice – more on this as it surfaces. 

January News from Academy
Academy have sent news of three new kits for both modern aircraft and world war II aircraft and tank modellers. These kits are new toolings and look to be great releases - although there inst a lot of news yet as there will be we will provide you with it. Click on below for these and other Academy releases info that we have to hand..
Academy New Releases for the 14th January 2012...

1/72 Scale P-51D & Me262A-1a "Tuskegee Airmen & Luftwaffe" 2 in 1 New Tool kit

 1/72 Scale B-17G "15th Air Force" New Tool kit
1/48 Scale ROKAF T-50B "Black Eagles" New Tool kit

Not to forget all of the new info on the Fa-18 "Chippy Ho" kit in 1/72nd
More on all of these as we get the info..

Academy Releases for the November/December 2011

1/48th T-50 ADVANCED TRAINER "R.O.K. AIR FORCE", item 12231

1/72 F/A-18C HORNET "Chippy Ho! 2009", Kit no: 12432

1/72 scale F-8E "VF-111 SUNDOWNERS" Kit no: 12434,

The latest (and can I say best looking promos) of any plastic modellers come from Academy. Who release some interesting kits this month – The Titanic in 1/400 (big), the HMS Warspite in 1/350th and the F-14A VF-111 “Sundowners” Tomcat in 1/48th
Photobucket Photobucket 
Info is scarce but the pictures look great  we have more for you here – hopefully the pictures can match up to the kits that arrive!

1/48 F-14A_VF-111 SUNDOWNERS to be released in August 2011

The re-kitting with updates to their 2006 kit – this edition comes with weapons stores and new decals from Cartograf – the test kit here looks good. Hopefully it is as good as their recent F-14 D “Bombcat” variant
Some pictures of the real thing,,,
1/350 H.M.S. WARSPITE to be released in August 2011
This 1/350th kit is “decked” out as the Warspite in 1943 – it comes complete with Photo etched parts and a lovely display stand and looks very impressive in the pics here.

1/400 R.M.S. TITANIC [Centenary Anniversary Edition] to be released in September 2011 
With photo etch parts, a wooden deck, brass chain and a special premium edition booklet – it looks nice here!
We will give you more details on these kits as they appear..