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Alpine Miniatures Kit: 35125 German DAK Fallschirmjäger #2 Reveiw & Construction

Interestingly this month Alpine Miniatures have released a pair of figures that aren’t really a set! As the answer to their earlier pairing of figures sets which had only one released each they bring the matching pair, both from the African theatre - these are the 35125 German DAK Fallschirmjäger #2 and the 35123 35123 WW2 Italian AFV Officer, both in 1/35 scale.
Construction Review: German DAK FallschirmjägerAlpine Miniatures
Scale: 1/35
Pieces: 8 (including two heads)
Ages: 14 and over
Alpine Miniatures Distributors: Link

Alpine has forged a nest for itself in the top of the figure tree in this scale, has their hectic schedule of releases made them less diligent? When you are at the top the only way to go is down isn’t it? Let’s see if their new figures match to their past efforts - starting with their German DAK Fallschirmjäger 35125 kit…
The first in this “pair” is the Luftwaffe DAK Fallschirmjäger in light grey resin, of which there are eight separate parts in this soft material which easy to cut and shape. Not that you will need to do much of that though, as the only  excess to remove is on the casting blocks at sensible places, like on the neck of the heads, the under-arm area, under the soles of the feet and the extremities of his equipment.

The figure comes with two of the same heads but with different headgear on. First the standard regulation Fallschirmschützen-Stahlhelm 38 jump helmet – which would look great battered around with some weathering, You cannot see much of the detail of the helmet because in place around it is the finely sculpted goggles to keep the desert dust out. I am glad these are not covering his eyes in this sculpture!
The other choice of headgear is the Luftwaffe tropical side cap, identifiable as the Luftwaffe type because it doesn’t have the little triangle at the front like many army side caps had. The face is that of a strong-jawed youth with finely sculpted ears and hair coming from below his cap. Great faces again are Mr Harm’s strongpoint. He again has done himself proud here.
The torso of the paratrooper is adorned with a light Afrika Korps Luftwaffe uniform complete with long baggy pants which have a large map pocket protruding from the left knee. The soldier is not wearing any jump harness but is adorned with a tropical version of the Fallschirmjäger k98 bandoleer with nicely detailed ammo pockets and fasteners which can be clearly made out. Tucked into the paratrooper’s belt (of which you can make out the metal detail on the buckle) is an M-24 stick grenade at the front waist and at the soldier’s right rear hip is a German tropical bread bag sculpted with a nice crease or sag running down the middle. I am not sure but as they are hidden under to the baggy trousers but the trooper looks to be wearing either long or short DAK boots.
While we are on equipment there is a well rendered 7.92 mm Mauser 98k rifle with all of the eternal details there – the bolt, the fine trigger and barrel are clear to see. This rifle comes with a bayonet that is to be worn on the Paratrooper’s left rear hip. I was thinking I needed a rifles trap but aha! That has been thought of already – draped over the paratrooper’s shoulder is a strap that joins neatly to the rifle!!

ohh the ol' massive 1 penny coin trick...
The soldiers arms come on a casting block with along with an M-31 Afrika Korps canteen (I would like this to be a “coconut” made from Bakelite™) and of course left and right arms. The sleeves on this figure are rolled up to reveal some very well sculpted hands and arms on which you can see the tendons on the hand and the wristwatch the soldier is wearing on his left wrist. The arms are posed in the “ready “position. 
The body language of this soldier is that he is leaning slightly to his right leg, looking at something in the distance with his head slightly up – “cocked if” you will.
The Fallschirmjäger's body takes about thirty to put together, complete with removing the casting blocks of which you have to just be a little careful as to not unintentionally delete any detail around the neck area which has an unusual sharp termination at the lower throat as it sits in the collar. The gun has rifle has some fine detail as well you need to just take your time with a kit like this as it would be a pity to rush so few steps. A little C.A. glue and accelerant and the figure goes together pretty quickly and stands quit well by itself without assistance.
The figure glues together with some care to make sure the rifle strap meets the rifle proper which is strung over the paratrooper’s right shoulder – this it does and looks like a seamless join. Both heads look just at home on the figure, I like the more open facial features of the Side cap head but I also like very much the helmeted head – with goggles and the two screw holes for holding the lining visible at the back - there have not been any short-cuts taken with this soldier’s creation

The head with the helmet...
What can I say? A great figure with superfluous detail paid to sculpting and construction – the only bad thing is we had to wait for his pairing with the earlier figure to make the 35126 DAK Ramcke Brigade Set here are some pictures below of both of the figures in this set painted up by the talented painter Man-Jin Kim. At the start of this article I asked if the only way is down - well like Yazz says “The only way is up” – At least it is for Alpine anyway!

Adam Norenberg

You can get these Figures at Alpine Miniatures Distributors Here
Thanks to Alpine for letting me build your figure sets
This is what this figure and his companion looks like when they are painted up by a very good painter! (not me) This is what they can look like with a skillful hand at the brush.