Saturday, November 19

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part VII – Deluxe Materials and the competition table armour

Part seven – yes seven – of the Telford Galleries brings us the competition tables full of military vehicles and armour to compliment the other armour from the special interest groups and model clubs in part III

Deluxe Materials are often at the shows around the UK – I went in to investigate and it is like going into a wonderland of slick demonstration as the guys there show you how to use their amazing range of products – it all looks too easy as they show you how their special plastic glue runs circles around anything I have tried before – they have three different superglues of different viscosity and a plethora of ways of applying them – special canopy glues – powder filler you simply apply to a gap then solidify with the super thin superglue with the tiny tip – it’s all amazing stuff!
Deluxe have adhesives and solutions for not just plastic scale modelling, they also have solutions for any for your woodwork, R.C. vehicles, Balsa and foam modelling, boat and Railway enthusiasts. Their video page is a wonder to behold to see their products in action. Really this puts my old (I thought pretty neat at the time) Revell Contacta firmly in the corner! From lead weighted tiny balls to non-toxic glue for kids – water soluble putty the list goes on as to what they have in store. Deluxe also do Scenic materials like snow – rust and water, and if at a show they go out of their way to show you how good their stuff is.
Give their page a workout and if you see them at the shows go and have a look – I was amazed at what was there.
OK on to the competition winners and nearly winners now – a great bunch of over 100 pictures again please enjoy – and stay tuned over the next few days for the last parts of the Telford show’s people and plastic on offer..

Cick on this pic for a flash slider gallery or simply scroll on down!

Keep on coming back for the last few parts over the weekend until Monday - until then these are the other galleries from Telford SMW 2011