Friday, November 11

News from Eagle Editions in November

Those great People at Eagle editions have some new external releases this month that they ahve placed on sale - all quality stuff from some great companies - i thought you would want to see whats new in store.
Erik Mombeeck - Luftwaffe Gallery Special Vol. 1 - Retail orders only

Special featuring JG 26 Abbeville Boys
LuGa JG 26 special

This photo album contains 96 pages, about 250 photographs and 30 color profiles.
In the Luftwaffe Gallery series, this expanded 'special' edition is devoted to JG 26, the famed "Abbeville Boys" or "Abbeville Kids" of RAF and USAAF legend.
Only $42.50 plus s/h.

English, Perfect bound, soft cover, 11.5 X 8.25
Published by La Porte d'Hoves Publishing, Belgium

We have a few copies of Luftwaffe Gallery Vol. 2 available, visit our website for more information and to order.

Captured Eagles Vol. 1 - Retail orders only
Roger S. Gaemperle
captured eagles cover

The first release in Vintage Eagle Publishing !

 The book has 72 pages that present more than 90 previously unpublished photographs of captured German WWII aircraft including 6 color photos, 8 color profiles by aviation artist Simon Schatz and several photos of aircraft relics taken as souvenirs by Allied soldiersEnglish, A-4, perfect bound, soft cover.Only $39.50 plus s/h

Click on the book cover image to go to our website for more information.

JG 4 Storming the Bombers Vol. 2 - Retail orders only
 Erik Mombeeck 

The second volume covers the story of JG 4 from Operation Market Garden in Holland during September 1944 to the final desperate battles over Berlin and capitulation in May 1945.
English, 232 pages, A-4, hard bound, about 300 Photos, Color Art work

ISBN: 978-2-930546-06-3
$79.50 plus s/h

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