Thursday, January 26

Review - J’s Work Kit “Trunk of a Palm Tree”

J’s Work from the far east have hit the market with a busy flourish of releases of plastic and paper diorama accessories to top of your newest vignette – today we “palm” off a review of a tall and slightly leaning to the side resin kit of a Palm Tree – read on..

J’s Work Kit PPA2004 – Trunk of a Palm tree
Kit no: PPA2004
Subject: Trunk of a Palm tree
Kit Type: Resin – one tree unpainted
Scale: 1/35
Product Link: J's Work

Here from J’s Work we have their kit of a 12cm palm tree in the closed state. This tree is made of grey resin and comes in two parts – the trunk and the closed leaves at the top of the tree – you can combine this tree with the J’S Work PP1003 and PPA1004 palm tree leaves or you can “leaf” it in this its trimmed form. My money would be on adding the leaves but hey aren’t here so let’s have a look

The tree trunk and the leaves come in a brown card box with the product sleeve showing the tree completed and the accessory leaves you CAN add to the tree. I think that the depth of the sculpting on the tree and the several deep edges can leave the painter in a pretty confident state of doing a good job – especially with the paper leaves to add to the trunk you would have a pretty life-like palm at the end.
The combo is the way to go - get the paper leaves to match

The rings around the palm tree look realistic gut the only fault I found was a seam line that runs up one side of the tree – you could argue to say that this happens in some palm trees but if it is a feature of the sculpt I would rather it stay off.
Seam's a bit off...
The grey resin trunk fits into the trimmed top branches very easily through the notch provided – you do have to do some “tree surgery” and remove the casting blocks from the stump and from the branch stubs first – please do take care of the resin though!
A little superglue and the tree goes together – easy to make and after an undercoat easy to paint and weather with all of those nooks and crannies in the trunk all you need are the extra leaves to really make the tree bush up and stand out – the leaves are sold separately but are very cheap so it’s a no brainer really in this case.
A Nice tree which will save you time making it from scratch – I would include the cheap leaves and people will wonder how you got so good so fast at making palm trees! Very nice work!
Adam Norenberg

My thanks to J's Work for the review sample. Currently these are available at