Tuesday, January 24

Review - J’s Work Kit “Typical Leaf 2” Paper Plant kit

J’s Work from China have given started strongly with many products in their diorama accessories – we have already looked at their Cardboard boxes  in various scales and their 1/35 Modern Military Equipment Set – now it’s time plant our feet – brush aside all else and leaf it all to us… ok click below for the review – ill stop now – I'm bushed!

J’s Work Kit PPA1007 - Typical Leaf 2
Kit no: PPA1007
Subject: Typical Leaf 2
Suitable for 1:24, 1:35 & 1:48 scales
Product Link: J's Work

Here from J’s Work we have a typical leaf sheet in many different sizes and pre coloured from paper as the material – these form one of the foliants in J’s range of dioramas in the “Paper Plant series of accessories

There are forty one leaves of two different types on this sheet – one a skinnier thinner leaf like a palm tree and the other is a slightly broader leaf you may find on either a tree or a smaller plant. There are many sizes through
The printing of the paper is a large factor in the believability of this plant – when it comes to the various different shades the printers did quite a job and the only touch up you will have to do is with the wire that joins them to the trees if that is how you decide to do them. They look pretty realistic to scale to me. The leaves can be mixed and matched with some of the other J’s work trees form their website – there are several climates’ flora there so south-east Asia to Europe you are going to find something there to match your needs.
When it came to shaping them I simply rolled them on a pen and then to make sure they stayed curved I rolled them up inside the packet they came in and clamped for 10 minutes. A day later they are still curved and look very like a natural drop of a leaf to me.
It takes 10 minutes of easy work and this is the result
A great diorama accessory – believable in its look – and easy to shape and best of all cheap! Which is nice because it is a case of the more the merrier with these bushes I think – Good “Works” J!


My thanks to J's Work for the review sample. Currently these are available at LuckyModel.com