Saturday, January 21

Stalingrad's new mortar crew look like they are getting fit for the new year!

Stalingrad model figures from Russia have turned out a few great sets of figures for the the market - either to be sold separately or as a large package for a diorama they have some of the finer castings in the business - have a look at their latest figures of a Mortar crew, ammo carriers and and NCO (of course to tell them all what to do) by clicking on the link below...
The new series of German WW2 figures from Stalingrad in 1/35 scale: they are now available and include Kit numbers: 3001 - German 8 cm mortar crew (4 figures) # 3002 - German Ammo Carrier # 3003 - German Infantry NCO. Here are the pictures... 

3001 - German 8 cm mortar crew, 1939-44 (4 figures) 

Each with their own equipment these soldiers look like they are taking a heavy load into battle

And the inspiration for these figures.... Pictures like these. 

Unpainted they look great as wel - all of the equipment is a great addition and great added value from just a regular figure that you have to buy your own stuff to add too.

3002 - German Ammo Carrier, 1939-44
Includes two different helmets and four variants of ammo.

3003 - German Infantry NCO, 1939-44
Includes two different helmet, MP-40 and delicate embellishments which set it out from the regular soldiers he is urging on 

These figures as well as some other great sets can be found at Stalingrad  by clicking this banner below