Thursday, February 2

Eduard releases exact details, sprue shots and the price of their new 1/48th Emil..

The release info for the Eduard Bf 109E-1 in 1/48th scale has been releasedt - as we thought it follows its larger 1/32 scale cousin pretty closely, using the same markings but improving the plastic inside to enhance and re-design some of the critical areas which did receive some "attention". You can glean quite a bit from the instructions for the kit here...

For those of you in the know we have been relaying the news from their excellent Blog and Facebook page for you but now the whole secret is out we can bring it to you in it's entirety.
Anyway here is the info we have from Eduard about this release which will retail for $39.95 - Enjoy!
February 2012 E-1 release opens Eduard 1/48 line for Bf 109E. Made from brand new tools by Eduard advanced technology.
The quarter scale Bf 109E kit brings exceptionally high level of detail combined with superb fit. The instruction sheet keeps the Eduard standard with full colour painting and marking guide. The decal sheet represents the well-proven combination of the Eduard design and Cartograf print.

The colour PE detail set and the canopy mask sheet must be attached to each ProfiPACK boxing, of course. 
Kit contains four marking options.
Ofw. Kurt Ubben, 6.(J)/Tragergruppe 186, Wangerooge, Germany, March 1940 

Hptm. Hannes Trautloft, 2./JG 77, Juliusburg, Germany, September 1939 

6./JG 52, Husum, Germany, 1940 
Fw. Artur Beese, 9./JG 26, Caffiers, France, August 1940 
See the article by Jan Bobek, related to Hannes Trautloft, whose plane is subject of one of selected decal otions (Red 1, Hptm. Hannes Trautloft, 2./JG 77) – Info Eduard, 02/2010
Bf 109E-1, Fw. Artur Beese, 9./JG 26, Caffiers, France, August - Bf 109E-1, Fw. Artur Beese, 9./JG 26, Caffiers, France, August 1940, 1/48, model build by Jiří Pokorný


Check out all of the details for yourself at the Eduard Website