Saturday, February 4

ICM Preview: build up shots of their Krupp L3H163 German Army Truck

ICM Holding has releases some more pictures of their Krupp L3H163 truck in 1/35th scale. So we thought it was time to show you now there are basic test shot built up pictures..
From the built up shots provided you can see this model has potential - a lot of gear could be added to this to make many different versions as well, and you could load it down with nearly anything to give it that beefier look - click on below to see more...
Krupp L3H163, WWII German Army Truck - Art.: 35461 Scale: 1:35

Krupp L3H163, WWII German Army Truck 

Germany began to build the modern army after 1933. The important part of Wehrmacht motorization was manufacturing of three-axle 3 t trucks. One of them was Krupp L3H63. It was in production lines since 1931. The modification Krupp L3H163 (1936-1938) had 110 hp 6-cyl. petrol engine and pneumatic brakes.

The Krupp in action
All in all there were produced about 2000 Krupp L3H63 and Krupp L3H163.
Krupp L3H163 trucks were widely used by all German arms of service up to the 1942 – in Polish and French campaigns, in Balkans, in the Soviet-German front. 

Built up shots show a lot of depth do this vehicle so the potential to super-detail and to make this vehicle truly a workhorse are there - it has a lot of potential.
The top of the chassis and the engine and substructure are shown off to good effect in these shots
Undersides of the truck show a great amount of detail on hand here - imagine all of the weathering you could do!?
Highly detailed chassis, engine and interior. 4 marking versions are included on the decal sheet.
The sprue breakdown
The engine and transmission sprue showing a detailed construction in case you want to pose the engine open. Chassis and petrol tanks are included here as well 
The bodywork is simplistic enough without too many fiddly construction steps
The bottom of the floor for the tray and the high wooded sides look like they will weather well with al of that detail.
The back tray and all of the attachment points needed as well as a bunch of tools are included
There are two of these sprues - so that gives you an extra set of wheels to store underneath the truck, lots of shackles and handles are included as well
Bumpers, exhaust and chassis plus side guard indicators
Transparencies for the windscreens and side windows plus the headlights and tail lights.
The sales brochure
This kit is available now (or will be very soon) through ICM's stockists worldwide -