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Latest news in cars, superheroes and Beatles? From Round 2

Round 2  has some excellent news articles about the new car ranges from AMT and just what goes into developing them. They also have an interesting article about the work they did restoring and re-vamping the classic Hulk kit box art and the latest on their new pre-built kits of none other than the Beatles from the Yellow Submarine period - read on below for the news and then on to their site for the whole story..

2012 is well underway and the Kats at AMT have been busy working on many projects! For this month's newsletter, we thought we'd talk about a particular area of "parts development."
Some of you may wonder, "how long does a model kit mold last?" In most cases, a very long time! In the heyday of the plastic kit hobby, long enough to make hundreds of thousands of kits, sometimes over a million or more. It's the longevity of the tools that allows so many desirable vintage kits to be reissued. Still, no tool lasts forever and that's especially true for tire molds. Always looking for ways to improve quality and add value, the Kats at AMT have taken notice of some tire tools that are reaching their "end of life," so to speak. They've worn out past the point of repair, and the time has come to re-create them, with a goal to increase realism and enhance their details.
First up is the classic Firestone "Deluxe Champion" stock tire. This tire has had to be retooled a couple of times already over the years, as it's used in so many kits. The earliest 1/25 replica of this tire became dubbed the "Trophy Series" tire, as it was generic without any sidewall lettering. Later retools saw Firestone lettering added and changes in the style and accuracy of the tread pattern. AMT's new incarnation of the tire has improved detail, featuring an accurate tread pattern, engraved Firestone lettering as well as the "F" crest and associated "Gum Dipped" lettering. The non-whitewall version of the tire will have the size and "Deluxe Champion" lettering pad printed on. It's too small to be engraved; some of the tiniest pad printing we've ever seen!
Next up are two different sizes of the venerable muscle car tire: Goodyear's Polyglas GT. AMT had the larger L60.15 size found in dozens kits over the years. MPC had the smaller F60.15 size version, which is known for its overly thick raised lettering, and for being included in kits like many of the 70's Pro Stock series. Comparing the two, AMT's larger version is much more true to the appearance of the 1:1 rubber. So it was decided to retool the smaller MPC version to more closely match with the larger AMT version, in order to have a good looking "big 'n little" set of tires. The best part? Since the real tires all had white lettering (with one of two variations - with or without the size included) the Kats are going to pad print the lettering on the tires. They will look spectacular, ready to go right out of the box! No need to try and paint those tiny details. Your models will have a professional edge and sharp appearance! Look for them to appear in AMT's reissue of the all-time classic Pony car: the 1966 Ford Mustang and others later in the year. 

A lot of our development team's time is spent on our product packaging. It is a key marketing and sales tool and in some cases, it makes the kit much more desirable. If you read our blog regularly, you are probably familiar enough with our products to know what to expect from us in this regard. I figured I would show you some of the steps we go through and what we encounter as we work.
                         CAPTAIN AMERICA                                                  
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