Wednesday, February 15

More new releases "cobbled" together from J's work.

After the announcement (below this post) about the Kabuki style masks for the Hetzer tank we have these - more Do-It-Yourself groundwork debris from the Asian manufacturer of diorama equipment J's Work.
Two different styles and two different sizes of those two style are provided in four new silicone moulds for J's Work - Everyone needs more rubble in their scenes and these look set to add to any diorama with new material to scatter around making a lot more of a random feel to the scene - A close up of each of these reveals the end results in different sizes.

In order they are

1/35 - 
PPA3027 - Silicone Mould Cobblestone (Large) PPA3028  (Small) 

1/35 - PPA3029 - Silicone Mould Hex-Pavement Stone (Large) PPA3030 (Small)
These will be available from LuckyModel  very soon - until then check them out at the J'S Work Site
Today we have more details of new products coming from J's Work in the far east.The first thing we want to show you is the latest set of Kabuki-style masks for your Hetzer tank in 1/35th scale.

Simply apply these masks in layers and with one of the two you can have a snazzy looking "Ambush Pattern" Hetzer in 1/35th scale - this is the scheme that makes your tank look like it is under a tree with light beaming through (well that was the theory really) -  here is the E-10 in the war. (bogged)
Anyway J's have brought out two different versions of this scheme:PPA5001 - Airbrush CAMO-MASK for 1/35 Jagdpanzer 38(t)Hetzer Camouflage Scheme 1
 And the mask set

 This is the second scheme with just the three colour pattern - softer edges have their own appeal as well
Both are available from J's Work  now at LuckyModel

November releases from J's Work

J's has opened business with a few different ranges of stock - all concerned with dioramas but J's has several different ranges within this category - to better illustrate what J's Work has for you ill go thru all of the categories in turn...

Got or want a busted roof ?

J’s supplies some interesting products – notably amongst them is the excellent silicone moulds of roof tiles , bricks for buildings and pavement stones for roads. Personally I never have enough rubble brick or enough pavement stones to place my diorama on. There are so many pictures of damaged roofs from partially destroyed buildings the only way to create this stuff in the past was to make your own silicone moulds and fill them with coloured bricks/tiles/stones. J’s have taken the hard work out of this and all you have to bring to the modelling desk is some brick coloured plaster (even I can make that) left to dry and you have as many as you want!!

Need more bricks....
The pavement stones for European roads are set about in a way that you can make your own roads or footpaths, pretty much as many you can put together. This will save you some money – and probably smart modellers will put their kids to work making roads now…

J's Work make cardboard ration and medical boxes which you just make yourself – just like a real box! Pop them out of the plastic and fold away and there you have the finished article. Amazing really to think we all thought it was so hard before these - these might even make modelling more fun...

J's makes boxes from German & American stores, rations & medical supplies - just push & fold.

J's Work  makes a series of trees and foliage to go along with your diorama - stating with the bear trunks and working thru the range of foliage and small bushes to make your scene make more realistic.

The trees can come stripped bare of with J's range of foliage

Dead trees ? stumped for ideas? Well J's have you covered - just add some of their small bushes in there and the scene is naturalistic

The Paper plant range has the small bushes and shrubs whose broad leaved foliage would be perfect for a South-East Asia diorama - Vietnam anyone?

Where the broad leaves fit the jungle these Ivy leaves look perfect for a European diorama, draped over the wreck of a house these would fit right in

J's Work has also created some nifty things like modern fuel barrels in their plastic kit range, their first kit is a 1/35 Modern Military Equipment Set which contains

- 200L Oil Drum x 8pcs
- Plastic Chemical Drum x 4pcs
- 20L Fuel Can x 8pcs
- 20L Water Can x 8pcs
- Transit Case x 4pcs
- .50cal Ammo Box x 8pcs
- 20mm Ammo Box x 4pcs

All in all an impressive load of launch products here - I think we can be assured that there will be many more products to come if the varied nature and quality these sets is anything to go by -  we will show you them close up very soon. 'Till then check them out at their site.