Tuesday, February 28

Our cup runneth over as we see Eduard's April Releases

Eduard have sent us the expected release schedule for April and we have lots of pictures and a full list of what is to be expected – check them out..
There is a lot of variety here with new kits in April – we will look at each of the sections in turn and give our appraisal of what we think you can expect...
R0007   Bf 109E 1/48   ROYAL CLASS -  

Pride amongst these releases would be the Royal class Bf 109E in 1/48th which is the latest new tool Bf 109 kit from Eduard but with a few extras. These kits come with two kits inside which include all of the usual extras you would expect - two large P/E sets, Brassin wheels, masking sheets and decals of twelve different options printed by Cartograf.
That is not the end though – this kit includes a special 1/4th scale instrument panel kit! If that isn’t enough a stainless steel thermocup with the laser engraved Bf 109E line artwork on the front, and on the back of the cup is the engraved 4 cm long WWII style manufacture part number plate with the unique limited edition numbering engraved on it. Impressive!

 8224   F6F-5 late 1/48   ProfiPACK –
The latest in the 1/48 F6F Hellcat family is the new ProfiPACK, focused on late planes of the “dash 5“version. The release kit will contain four new markings and canopy masks and resin wheels should see this as a popular item.

84144    Bf 110E 1/48    Weekend Edition –
 The Weekend edition of the Bf 110E will please all fans of the Zerstörer and the WWII aviation buffs in general. While keeping a great rate price/content, this Weekend edition offers  nine styrene sprues and one brand new marking in a basic kit of good quality but with no frills but at a great price point. The last weekend edition of this sold out so this again should be popular.
4427 MiG-21BIS DUAL COMBO 1/144   “SUPER44” –
This dual kit “super 44” new release of the MiG-21BIS in 1/144 scale captures the third generation of this famous Cold War plane. Together with the already released photo-etched accessories it is great value for a great kit combo. This kit includes four choices of markings and express masks for the kit 

SIN64802 1/48 EDUARD MiG-21BIS
This new set to complement the new Mig-21 in 1/48th scale - you get an interior, new wheels and wheel wells plus a beautiful exhaust nozzle and they even throw in Rocket launcher pods and a ladder!

This set contains:
648050 MiG-21BIS interior,
648026 MiG-21 wheels,
648049 MiG-21 wheel wells,
648051 MiG-21BIS exhaust nozzle,
48704 MiG-21 ladders,
648025 Rocket launcher UB-16 & UB-32

 Eduard adds five very nice 1/48th releases for April in the BRASSIN range - Pratt and Whitney R-2800-10 engine for Eduard 1/48th scale Hellcats kits as well as some new wheels for Bf 109E. The plastic ones in the kit aren´t bad, but I think that Eduard have made these ones even better. There is even a HVAR rocket set in 1/48th that you could use with lots of aircraft kits (including Eduard’s Hellcat of course.)           

648057  P-61 wheels   1/48 Great Wall Hobby

648056  R-2800-10 engine  1/48    Eduard

648058  Bf 109E wheels  1/48   Eduard

648061  HVAR rockets  1/48

BIG-ED sets                                       
BIG3313   Su-25  1/32  TRUMPETER
BIG4965   S-2E  1/48  KINETIC
BIG4966  Fw 189A-2  1/48  GREAT WALL HOBBY

BIG7274   F6F-5  1/72  EDUARD

Photo Etch Sets                               
For April there will be 26 new sets, with four BIG ED assemblies, plus six ZOOM sets. (Note two sets for Raiden (Hasegawa) in 1/32nd scale.) We bring also the I-16 set for our own kit in quarter scale. There are two sets of the different palm leafs among the April releases.

In 1/72nd scale, except the aircraft sets, we continue with releasing of the photo etched and coloured model bases with various aircraft carriers deck structure.

Except these two NAVY sets, you can find also five ship sets, all in the 1/350 scale.

32288   EA-18G exterior   1/32   Trumpeter
32300   EA-18G armament  1/32  Trumpeter
32309  F-14D armament   1/32   Trumpeter
32313    J2M3 Raiden exterior    1/32   Hasegawa
32736  J2M3 Raiden interior S.A.   1/32   Hasegawa
32739  A-4F exterior   1/32   Trumpeter
36186   BTR-60P APC   1/35   Trumpeter
36203   British Light Tank Mark VIB    1/35    Vulcan
36210   Leaves Palm Cocos Nucifera colour   1/35
36206  Leaves Palm Washington Filifera colour    1/35
48722   F-14B exterior  1/48  Hobby Boss
49596   I-16   1/48  Eduard
49591   F-14B interior S.A  1/48 Hobby Boss
53055   Chokai 1944  1/350  Aoshima
53054   Chokai 1944 railings 1/350 Aoshima
72538  Ju 88A surface panels S.A.   1/72  Revell
73399   Seahawk FGA.9  1/72   Hobby Boss
73409   T-33 S.A. 1/72  Platz
73410   T-33 ladder 1/72   Platz
73417   Akagi Carrier deck   1/72
73427   P-40B S.A.   1/72   Airfix
73421   USN Carrier deck 1942-44    1/72
73403   Su-33 Flanker D S.A.  1/72   Hasegawa
99053  IJN watertight doors WWII  1/350
99054   IJN ladder 1/350 (1 part)
99058   USN Aircraft accessories WWII 1/350 (1 part)

The biggest attraction of the Eduard booth in Nuremberg was the etched colour flowers, animals and kitchen accessories. There are two palms for release in April as well.
36210   Leaves Palm Cocos Nucifera colour   1/35
36206  Leaves Palm Washington Filifera colour    1/35

33101  F-84E interor S.A. 1/32   Hobby Boss
SS403  Su-33 Flanker D S.A. 1/72   Hasegawa
33105   J2M3 Raiden interior S.A.  1/32   Hasegawa
FE591  F-14B interior S.A. 1/48   Hobby Boss
SS409   T-33 S.A.   1/72  Platz
SS427  P-40B interior S.A. 1/72   Airfix

CX310   Halifax B Mk.I  1/72    Revell
CX315   Spitfire Mk.IX  1/72    Italeri
CX311   NH-90NFH  1/72   Revell
EX351    A-6E  1/48   Kinetic
CX312    A-400M  1/72    Revell
CX313   Bf 109G  1/72    Italeri
CX314   F-51D  1/72    Italeri

All of these should be available in time for April on the Eduard site to buy directly