Thursday, March 1

March releases from Fantastic Plastic are not making us blue...

Fantastic Plastic have sent us news on their latest newly released kit the The Aerospatiale SA-2 "Samson" Gunship from the movie AVATAR in 1:72  -  They have all of the amazing hovering aircraft (as well as the massive shuttles) on sale now with this last in the series helicopter completing the set - take a look....

Here it is, folks, the final kit in our AVATAR model series: The Aerospatiale SA-2 "Samson." This is the powerful twin duct fan-powered gunship so memorably flown by Michele Rodriguez in James Camera's 2009 sci-fi epic. Part 22nd century Blackhawk helicopter, part Sky crane, the Samson served as our heroes' principal transport for much for their adventures on the exotic moon Pandora.
Our new 1:72 kit captures the Samson in all its glory. It features a detailed cockpit interior, passenger/cargo section with machine guns, a clear vac form canopy and decals.

The pattern is by Alfred Wong. Casting is by Millennium Models International (MMI). Decals are by JBOT.

The Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson is available now in the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store for $75.00 USD plus shipping.

The Aerospatiale SA-2 "Samson" is the flying workhorse of the 22nd Century's Resource Development Administration (RDA). Part transport, part gunship and part sky crane, the "Samson" is capable of operating in a variety of environments from tropical jungle to frozen tundra.

The Samson carries a variety of light weapons including door-mounted MBS-9M Hydras or M60 machine guns as well as side-mounted rocket pods. 

Released in February 2012, the SA-2"Samson" was the fourth and last kit in Fantastic Plastic's "Avatar" series. Patterned in 1:72 by Alfred Wong and cast by Millennium Models International (MMI), the Samson featured a full interior and clear vac form canopy.

Scale: 1:72 (Length: 8") 

Material: 41 Resin  Pieces + Vacuform Canopy 

Clear Resin Door Windows 

Pattern by Alfred Wong 

Casting by Millennium Models International (MMI) 
Decals by JBOT 
For information on kit availability, please CLICK HERE. 

Also still available are the other three kits in our AVATAR series: 
* AT-99 Scorpion Gunship (1:72) - $70.00 plus shipping 

AT-99 Scorpion Gunship - Catalog Photo 1

* C-21 Dragon Assault Ship (1:144) - $169.95 plus shipping 

C-21 "Dragon" Assault Ship - Fantastic Plastic - Catalog Photo 1

* SSTO-TAV-37B Valkyrie Shuttlecraft (1:288) - $100.00 plus shipping 

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