Thursday, May 17

Ampersand Publishing are having a sale - up to 50% selected titles

Ampersand Publishing  are currently having a sale and we thought we would let you in on the titles which are up to 50% off on their site – well give you a little look inside each book in our sale preview...

Selected titles from ampersand Publishing are 50% off!

Allied-Axis Photo Journal for only $7.50 each!

Marder III M: Panzerjäger 38(t) für 7.5cm PaK40/3 Ausf. M
Marine Corps Rockets: International Harvester M-2-4 1-ton 4x4
2cm FlaK 38 Antiaircraft Gun and Sonderanhänger 51
A Different Kind of NO: The Mack NO-4 and NO-5
Price: $15.95  $7.50 each

The Churchill Part 1, the 88, the Heavy Wrecker and the Staghound for only $10.00 each!
You can now get The Churchill Part 1 and 2 together for only $25.00!

This 108-page volume contains over 170 photographs of German WW2 8.8cm Flak guns, including combat images and walk around images of contemporary restorations. Also contains extensive images from the original technical manual.

This 120-page volume contains over 130 photos of the U.S. Army's WW2 wheeled and tracked wreckers, including wartime images and detail shots of contemporary reproductions. Also contains technical drawings from the original operator's manual.

This 128-page volume contains over 220 photographs of the Allies' T17E series armoured cars, including factory images, period photos and extensive walk around images of contemporary restorations. Also includes 1:35 scale drawings.

-          Winner of the 2009 War Wheels award for Best armoured Car Reference Material.

MMiR for only $5.00 each!

Military Miniatures in Review is an 80-page, full colour, perfect bound, bi-monthly magazine. Regular features include new product announcements, book reviews and figure reviews. This current issue of the magazine has some pretty interesting looking feature stories – have a look on our preview to see what’s new with this issue…
This edition, number  fifty-six in the series of real modelling enthusiasts magazines that come with a high quality finish and copy you actually WANT to read features many how-to’s and feature builds from industry leading modellers:

Current Issue Includes..

Master modeller Mario Eens' Fantastic Sd.Kfz.II halftrack conversion
A beautiful looking three-coloured "Smokinhaulinrocketwagen"

The "Luftwaffe Lowrider" Sd.Kfz.251/17 AA halftrack

The resin "8cm R-Vielfachwerfer auf m gep" Rocket-weilding halftrack

"Saurer Grapes" The Eagle CZ Saurer RK-7, Sd.Kfz.254

An excellent story on Weathering of Die-Cast pre-built models by Michael Rinaldi

MMIR magazine is always written well with stories to help your modelling as well as all of the usual news and previews...

Check out the Ampersand Publishing website to see everything they offer – including back issues and new publications-  you can subscribe or just buy single editions from the site - while they are on sale there has never been a better time to get them!