Tuesday, May 8

MiniArt take us to the mean-streets of war-torn Normandie

MiniArt have sent us a quick preview of the latest 1/35th scale diorama in their series with sprue shots and built up shots – if you need a D-day diorama base then the shots in this preview look like it is right up your – street.
 Kit contains 138 parts - BOX: 348x247x60 mm
 The street bas is a mixed pattern of cobblestones going in separate directions which always ads some more interest. There is also a wooden floor inside – three underfoot textures means that these bases are progressing, and after some experience in vac-form MiniArt continue to get better at it.
Five walls are nicely pockmarked and have lots of damage on them; chipped plaster and bare bricks showing through make the buildings look like they are suitably weary.
 The roofs and the first floor texture looks pretty nice – a few dots on these I think that simulate rocks or debris scattered randomly – not sure about these – I think I like to add my own.
Four sprues of styrene represent the window and door furniture – shutters and doors are always interchangeable with other MiniArt kits as well – most are the same size on these kits – I suppose as in real life!
The signpost on the street lamps will have paper signs and the wall sign I am sure will be present as well – they are not with the info we have but I am sure they will be in the release.
Here is the finished product on the MiniArt site – it shows how well these vac kits can look in a skilled modellers hands – MiniArt replicate wood very well in plastic and the extras like being able to look out from the inside of the kit and have figures stationed inside will be a great hidden bonus.

All in all this kit looks promising and it will be out soon – we will review it when it comes out!
Check out the MiniArt site for all of their releases forthcoming.