Tuesday, June 12

“Bikini Girls with Ma-chine-gunzzz” – Well not exactly Bikinis - 1/35th Machine Gun Girls No.I by Modelkasten

Well it was the Crampssong that I thought of when I saw these figures – they seem to be resistance lasses packing some ready-made retribution in 1/35th scale – check out their vitals in this preview

Made by Japanese company Modelkasten they look promising on the boxart – but I think after looking harder you might have to be a pretty good painter to get them best out of them! They are an interesting subject though so we thought they warrant a look.
There is a pretty ropey description and I have fought through it to try and give you the features as I can identify them..

1/35 Scale machine Gun Girls - 3 Girls Vol.1
Part No: F-3
Price:1,800 yen + tax
Sculpted & painted by: Yoshitaka Hirano
Package illustration: Onishi and future
The figures are an injection moulded copy of the resin kit that was offered for sale last year – there are twenty one parts on one sprue –
The girls unfortunately do not have their own guns so you will need to supply them with something to blast off with from your own stash – a shame really! I suppose the MG’s could be any type though.
They are “interesting “ looking – interesting meaning I suppose I'm glad I wasn’t around in those very hard times… if you know what I mean! Maybe they just need a little better painting to bring out the best in them.
They look pretty much like they are all about to get blown over….
A different subject that would make an interesting diorama piece they are available from Modelkasten now.