Monday, June 11

Fire Away! Stalingrad Russian Howitzer crew

Brand new from Russian figure makers Stalingrad we have a great set of Soviet Howitzer crew from WWII – the facial features and options make this an interesting kit – read on to see more..

by Alexandr Zelenkov, these figures come with alternate heads and are compatible with all types of Russian WWII cannons and howitzers but however they do not of course include the howitzer! The figures are..

Figure No: 3554 - Red Army Officer, 1943-45

This figure has two alternate heads – one wearing a thicker Cossack style hat and the other a traditional flat style captain’s helmet. There is a choice as well of the officer holding binoculars or a field telephone which is also supplied.
Figure No: 3555 - Red Army Artilleryman, 1943-45
 This soldier is seen carrying a large hell to load into the gun next “round” he has two different heads to choose form in one being the “Ushanka” woolly hat with ear flaps and the other the Russian forage cap worn on the side.
Set No: 3556 - Russian Gun Crew, 1943-45 (4 figure set)

This motley crew have priceless expressions on their faces as they go about loading and firing the gun – they look rag tag and suit the other two soldiers here making a great set for any large Russian WWII gun.

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