Friday, June 29

Tarangus’ J32B Lansen kit in 1/48th to land in August!

 We have a bit of a Tarangus Lansen theme going on this weekend – with part one of the build of the Saab A32A Lansen kit in 1/48th and now news of the release of the news that Tarangus’ new J32B Lansen kit’s imminent release – read on to find out more..
In August, the J32B Lansen kit in 1/48th scale will be delivered to hobby shops around the world.  Called the “Lansen Sport” because of it’s high performance Svenska Flygmotor RM 6A (Rolls-Royce Avon Mk 47A) engine and upgraded weapons systems this kit looks to be a popular addition to the Tarangus Lansen family. The boxart is once again by the artist Tor Karlsson, well-known to most Swedish aviation enthusiasts.
The kit has a completely new fuselage, new exhaust in resin and even the ejection seats are new! This kit will build into a very nice representation of one of the longest serving fighters in the world
Newly detailed resin ejector seat and engine outlet nozzles make for improved and very fine detail as you can see here.
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Our first kit, the Saab A32A Lansen, won "Best in Show" at the IPMS Stockholm modelling contest "08 Open". We give our warmest congratulations to the builder Björn Fransson!

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Keep an eye out on the Tarangus website and naturally here for more information as it comes...