Saturday, June 23

What time is the bus? It's freezing here! Dragon's latest Gen 2 figures..

Latest in Dragon’s line of  “Gen 2” figures are a set of German soldiers from the late war winters of 1943 -1945 ( we know – more Germans - but you keep buying them!) anyway this is a new set of great figures – but do they make a set? Continue on to see what we mean…
48 Parts on one sprue - Box Size: 6.4" x 10.2" x 1.5"
Dragon is releasing a special set of four 1/35 scale plastic figures portraying soldiers fighting and trying to survive the bitter Russian winters.

This set looks to us like a great set but not together – in a way they look like they are waiting at a bust stop – we really like them and their great features and well moulded winter clothing, but wonder if Dragon could go back to making sets that are actually one unit?
In WWII Germany expected an early conquest of Russia at the time of its attack on 22 June 1941, but when the expected victory did not come as easily as anticipated, the Wehrmacht soon found itself embroiled in Russia’s brutal and bitterly cold winter. A quarter of a million German soldiers suffered frostbite in that first Russian winter simply because they were ill equipped and poorly supplied with appropriate cold-weather gear. Soldiers who survived that first grueling winter actually received a medal (called the Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42, and which the soldiers often called “Frozen Meat Order”) Every winter on the Eastern Front in the following few years was also a test of endurance.
The set features four separate soldiers, each distinctively dressed and armed. They reflect the range of clothing such as parkas, greatcoats, snow suits and reversible insulated winter suits that were available to soldiers, as well as a variety of different headgear.
Their range of weaponry includes a brand new Gew 33/40 rifle, Gew 43 self-loading rifle, MG42 machine gun and anti-tank 8.8cm Raketenpanzerbru"chse. The poses are well sculpted and detail definition on the soldiers is simply superb. Their mostly static poses mean the 1/35 scale figures will be easily incorporated into “White Hell” dioramas or vignettes of the modeller’s choosing. This versatile set is perfect for a wintry-themed German scene.

Well this set should be released this month at a price of US$16.95 (depending on where you spend your ducats) – check out the Dragon site for more of their stuff