Tuesday, July 3

Tankfest 2012 Pt I. – The first half of the show…

Tankfest 2012 – The Most Explosive Weekend In History! Or so the promo read – and really Bovington did not disappoint! With the only notable omission being the black prince (A43 Infantry tank – basically an oversized Churchill) we got to see plenty of massive vehicles go round in the ring on the weekend – a friendly show and plenty to see in the massive museum itself – three parts in all - So click on to see the first instalment!
Saturday 30th June – Bovington - The Tankfest’s first day went from a quiet start to the rumble of massive engines as the row of massive (and some not so massive) roared into life one after another. 
Part II

(Double click on any of these images to go to a side scrolling large screen slideshow)
New vehicles to the display this year included the captured Iraqi Urutu APC, a German Marder APC, a FV432 APC, and an interesting French built Panhard EBR 75.
The second part of the gallery of the carousel contains some new vehicles and favourites such as the Tiger 131 ( a hundred people or more must have asked her mechanics if she was running or not that day) and the re-enactment of a First World War battle complete with an insightful talk thru all of the weapons and tactics used by both sides – including a replica Mk.IV WWI tank used for the movie “War Horse” but this first part shows you lots of other great vehicles just as interesting..

First a walk down tank row….
Some smaller tanks...
Recovery Vehicles: A selection of vehicles that are used in the recovery of armoured fighting vehicles; such as the FV434, Centurion ARV and Chieftain ARV.
New Arrivals: How does The Tank Museum acquire new vehicles? A parade of vehicles recently obtained from Shrivenham Defence Academy on display for the first time.
Tracked Vehicle Rides - People got to experience the thrill of riding in a converted M548 tracked vehicle as it navigates the display arena! £2.50pp (Last ride 10 minutes before next arena display)
Massive thanks to Dan and Nik for arranging for us to come to such a lovely event – the other two of the galleries to follow over the next few days…