Thursday, August 2

A trio of Panzer tankers from Stalingrad looking for a good home....

Brand new from Russian figure makers Stalingrad we have a great set of three German Panzer Crew from WWII that fir a 1/35th scale Panzer IV – Almost like they were made FOR it - Hmmmmmm….?

            S-3004:German Tank Crew, 1939-45

Kit includes three full body figures that look Ideal for Panzer-IV. The kit features a commander who is sitting plum in the middle main turret while his two crew members a (Unteroffizier and a private) are poking themselves out of the side hatches in the main turret.
The soldiers have all of the main accoutrements you would associate with German tankers – they all have the black outfits of the early war period on with the pink "Waffenfarbe Rosa" piping on hats and their uniform sideboards. The commander carries a small pair of what look like to me a pair of Zeiss binoculars as well as the headphones and laryngophone with a large luger pouch on his rear hip.
On the soldiers you can see the Prussian Death Hussars' Totenkopf or death’s head emblem of the tan corps on the collar tabs as well as the excellent details on the sideboards and pockets of the soldiers.
Their faces are well detailed and all have a very different expression on them which add so much to a diorama – the face is where I look first and Stalingrad have again came out trumps here in this department.

Sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov these figures are available right now – all we need now is two more figures to round out the crew!
Visit  for more information on these and their other great figures.