Wednesday, August 8

Barracuda Studios Latest - Just in time for the NATS!

BarracudaStudios have just released a batch of great add-ons for the Spit fans in 48th scale - just in time for the NATS in Orlando Roy will be there himself to twist your arm and sell ‘em to you! The 6 new products are now up on the website and ready for pre-order for those of you who aren’t able to come and see him in person – and we have all the links and pics...

These sets are designed for the soon to be re-released 1/48th scale Seafire 46/47 from Airfix. This kit may already be in your stash, and most of these sets will also be a perfect match for the Airfix Spitfire 22/24 kit.
These sets will be available for sale at the IPMS Nationals next week in Orlando. For those not attending, you can pre-order starting now, but please be aware that orders will not begin shipping until Thursday, August 16th.

Seamless, detailed carburettor intake with separate filter flap designed for Airfix Spitfire 22/24 and Seafire 46/47 kits. The kit intake has a very prominent and hard to eliminate seam running all down the inside surfaces. May be adapted to fit other Griffon Spitfire kits. Price: $5.95

BR48026 Griffon Spitfire 5 Blade Prop- Late
This accurate, detailed cast resin 5 blade spinner and late style 11’ diameter prop greatly improve the Airfix Spitfire 22/24 and Seafire 46/47 kits. The kit blades have too much twist and are oddly shaped. A highly visible upgrade. May be adapted to fit other Griffon Spitfire kits. Price: $7.95

BR48024 Griffon Spitfire Rocker Cover Fairings
 New accurately shaped, detailed cast resin rocker cover fairings designed to correct the Airfix’s Spitfire 22/Seafire 47 kit parts. This small addition will also improve most other Griffon Spitfire kits and is a quick and simple correction.

BR48027 Spitfire 22, Seafire 47 Control Surfaces
This set consists of resin cast separate control surfaces features a new rudder, elevators with matching horizontal stabilizers and ailerons for the Airfix Spitfire 22/24 and Seafire 46/47 kits. It’s a time saving way to add interest to your model. Actuators included. Price: $9.95

BR48028 Spitfire Camera Bay Inserts
This set includes two resin cast vertical F.24 camera faces, and one oblique F.24 camera (front and back inserts) for all PR/FR Spitfires and other RAF, FAA aircraft. Add some visible detail through the clear camera ports by replicating the front face of the cameras within. Quick and easy! Price: $5.95

BR48047 Seafire FR. 47 Contra Prop Blades
Accurate resin contra-rotating prop blades to replace the poorly shaped kit blades in the otherwise beautiful Airfix Seafire FR. 46/47 kit. These were also fitted to some Spitfire Mk. 21s. The most important upgrade you can do to improve your contra-prop Spitfire. Price: $5.95

4 more new products will be announced shortly, and will be available for sale at the show.
Available for sale at the IPMS/USA National Convention – but if you cannot make it there Barracuda is wow accepting pre-orders. Shipments will begin August 16, 2012

If you are going to the Nats in Orlando then simply follow this little treasure map to see where Roy is hidden at the NATS – in stall 1050 on the left hand side of the map!