Thursday, August 30

Uschi van der Rosten wants to transport us to paradise to paint a Sherman

The Uschi van der Rosten website has come alive with their latest product – Do you ever remember seeing pictures of the tanks left on the tropical beaches of Flamenco Beach, Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico? After military exercises this and other tanks were left to slowly rust away - so do you remember also that people had made their own art on the side of these once fearsome beasts – which have now turned the most ornate of sand castles? Well now with the help of some friends they have made something to make your Sherman very different from the rest….
The Flamenco Beach Sherman masks in 1/35th and 1/48th scales are ready. We especially would like to thank our friend Alessandro "Ale" Bruschi (Auriga Publishing, Italy) for his support on the project.  He started considering doing it in early 2012, but of course he is a busy man, running several model magazines such as "ModelTime", "SkyModel" and "SteelArt" for example.

A while later Jan Wasner also came up with the project. Approached by these two capable modellers Mal Mayfield (from Miracle Masks) has helped speed things up, although he was very busy with other things.

Uschi van der Rosten  is happy to offer this masking set to all scale model addicts now as well. Each set includes material for two models. With this product you are on the safe side, even if it is your fist time working with paint masks. You just cannot mess it up! :-) The product is designed to fit the suitable Sherman kits of all vendors in the 35th scale.Below is an article on the subjects in question, enjoy!

The 48th scale version is in the making and can be found on Ushi’s site soon as well (along with lots of other great stuff! Check it out you  will thank me later..