Tuesday, September 18

On Display vol.2: StuG III from Canfora Publishing preview

We have been lucky enough to have seen a few books from Canfora Publishing already – their excellent AFV photo Album and the inspirational “Panther” books were a standard of book to be envied by others and a goal for modellers to aim for in their own work, Now Canfora has a new book on the StuG III and it looks every bit as good as it’s predecessors, let’s have a look at it in our preview…

Canfora Publishing are very happy to announce their latest book: On Display vol.2 on the StuG III. Variants A, B, E as well as early, mid and late G versions are all represented.
Seven separate articles take you from an early war Blitzkrieg era short barrelled variant  and a “Afrika” version of the support gun through to the late war whitewashed winter StuG and a three coloured “Last of the Breed” article which shows you how to model the last of the StuGs. This is a book for all armour lovers and not just Stug fans…
"The new book on the StuG III includes seven subjects, spread over 96 pages. Each model is presented in a step by step manner to serve as a guide to others who wish to model this iconic vehicle.

StuG A, B, E and G’s are represented and modelled by the very talented Volker Bembennek, Roger Hurkmans, Mike Rinaldi, Radek Pituch, Bernhard Lustig and Toni Canfora."

Shipping starts around September 23rd. and you can order now at their excellent site where you can find a few combo deals as well – it is at www.canfora.se